Rock Out With Your Very Own Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar

Zingzillas Big Zing GuitarIt’s almost every child’s dream to be a famous rock star and they can get one step closer with the fabulous Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar.

The Zingzillas are a children’s’ television favourite for many pre-schoolers and the programme has helped to turn children on to music at a time when song and dance seemed to be going out of fashion.

The Zingzilla monkeys (Zac, Drum, Panzee and Tang) all have their own personalities and love to make music in a variety of ways with various objects found on their Tropical island.

They sing and dance with many of the songs from the show being very catchy, making them very appealing to youngsters (you may even find yourself singing along too!).

Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar Price Comparison

Zingzillas Big Zing GuitarIf you growing rock star is into the programme then they will definitely appreciate the Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar. The guitar comes in a variety of colours and is made from very durable materials, ensuring it is not damaged should the user decide to rock-out and throw it against a wall!

There are brightly coloured buttons which each give out one of ten phrases from the show as well as a realistic whammy bar for imagining that you are performing those heavier music styling’s.

One of the best features of the Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar is that it is essentially three guitars in one, allowing the child to play it as a bass guitar, an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar, adding hours of enjoyment and learning to the product.

The guitar itself comes with the pre-loaded songs for the child to sing and strum along to, one of which is the very recognisable Zingzillas theme tune. The other two tunes will also be very recognisable as they are taken from several episodes of the programme.

The guitar is lightweight and somewhat compact making it easy for children to carry and get their fingers round the fret board and the strings to play it.

The product needs 3 AAA sized batteries which are included once bought, though it is advisable to buy a spare packet as they are likely to need replacing quickly after a bought of heavy usage after you get it out of the packaging!

The Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar is designed for children over the age of three and any pre-schooler who has ever watched the programme will be thrilled to have their own instrument.

This means that they can strum along with the show and then treat you to an impromptu rock concert once the credits are rolling!

Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar cheaper on eBay?

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Zingzillas Big Zing Guitar

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