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Wow Toys Police Chase CharlieWow Toys really do deserve the title WOW, they are seriously well designed children’s toys. One of my Son’s first toys was from this brand, and until my Sister bought it for our Son’s first birthday.

I had never heard of Wow Toys, but ever since the day we opened up the present, which contained a Wow Toys Police Chase Charlie, I have been a massive fan of Wow Toys.

The thing that is imideatly apparent when you pick up any of the Wow Toys is that they are exceptionally well made, they feel like they will last for, well generations and its not often you feel that with children’s toys nowadays, as the old saying goes…

they don’t make them  like they used to

with Wow Toys they do!

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My Son loved and still does love his Wow Toys Police Chase Charlie, the figures and the vehicles are built in such a ergonomic and friendly way, that children, even young ones instantly “get” how they work. They are all generally friction powered, well the bigger ones, so when you push them they keep going, which is great for kids, because most do not understand the whole, pull back to go forwards thing.

Wow Toys Police Chase Charlie Price Comparison

After we saw how much our Son was enjoying his new Wow toy we decided to get him another car to for his Police Chase Charlie to chase, Wow toys Fireball Frankie was just what we were after.

Wow Toys Fireball Frankie

Again Wow Toys Fireball Frankie is a very robust toy and three years later after much playing it almost looks new! well almost! As with all of the toys in their collection Wow Toys are made with very smooth edges, so there is absolutely zero chance of a child hurting themselves. All of the figures are jolly and most importantly they are all interchangeable so if Frankie wants to ride in Charlie he can do!

Another thing we have noticed quite a lot with Wow Toys is they set up toy testing tables in places like Garden Centers and Service Centres, very clever marking by Wow Toys be cause it definitely helps. My son and his friends always gravitate towards one of these play tables whenever we find one, a smashing idea, one that I definitely feel has helped to sell more Woy Toys.

For our Son’s next birthday or maybe christmas, it seems so long ago now! He got two new Wow Toys Harvey Harvester and Wow Toys Clippety-Clop Farmer.

Wow Toys Harvey Harvester

WOW Toys Clippety Clop Farmer

These two were excellent purchases and ones that our Son spent many hours playing with, he still does play with them but more often than not nowadays you will find a Power Ranger in his hand!

The Wow Toys Harvey Harvester is particularly good because not only does the front section spin around just like the wheat is being cut your child can post small hay bales into the hole on the top, and cars and toast and money and anything thats the right size! As Harvey rolls along they pop out the back just like a real combine harvester, such a well thought out design.

One more toy I’d like to tell you about is one that my Nephew has and he loves just as much as my Son loves his Wow Toys. My Nephew got the Wow Toys Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred and like Harvey it features a slot on the top for children to post rubbish bins.. amongst other things!

Wow Toys Flip 'n' Tip Fred

But by far the best function is that if you place a bin in the front scoop, press the big button it lifts the bin into the back, brilliant!

So I have to say if you are thinking of buying some Wow Toys for a little person in your life I really genuinely can’t recommend them enough, they are utterly brilliant.

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