Words With Friends Board Game – Christmas Toys 2012

Words With Friends Board GameThe new Words With Friends Board Game means you can now play Words With Friends in the old school way!

More than likely you will have played, or at the very least heard of, Words With Friends on you smartphone, I have to admit that for a while I was utterly addicted to it, I have now got my addiction under control…

Now with this new Words With Friends Board Game you can play your favorite game in the real world.

One of the best things about them making this physical WWF Board Game is that you can play it with your family and most importantly people who might not have played the phone version, like older relatives.

They may though have played Scrabble at some time or other though and as a result will be right at home with Words With Friends.

Of course Words With Friends is essentially a Scrabble type of game, but as Smart Phone Apps go WWF is a much better attempt at the game of Scrabble than the actual Scrabble App IMO.

Words With Friends Board Game

It’s no wonder that the Words With Friends Board Game is being touted as one of the most popular Christmas Toys of 2012 as its been staggeringly popular in the virtual world. I know at least 10 people who are definitely going to be interested in getting a copy of this for their homes, I know my wife will be very interested!

Words With Friends is a great learning tool as well, as someone who struggled with spelling as a child I’ve found its a really big help to test your brain and get your spelling organs working! (we do have spelling organs don’t we?)

So How do you play Words With Friends?

Words With Friends Board GameSo the idea behind the Words With Friends Board Game is really quite simple, each player takes their alloted letters and you have to outsmart your friends by making the best, highest scoring words, the winner is the one with the highest score. You get loads of word tiles, four tile holders and the board is set out just like on the app with double and triple word scores so you will feel right at home.

The Words with Friends Board Game will be out in the shops in October and will cost you more than likely between £15-£30 I think there are several versions that are going to be available the normal one, travel version and a deluxe one.

I’m told that they will come with a large board that will even rotate, I’m not sure if this is all the versions are just the deluxe one, but I’m going to try and find out for you and when I do I’ll update this page.

Me and my Wife can’t wait for the Words With Friends Board Game to be released!

Words With Friends Board Game on eBay

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