The Wooden Play Castle – Raise The Flag Of Your Childs Imagination

This Christmas we will be giving our Son my old wooden play castle that my dad (his Granddad) made for me for christmas 30 years ago!

So for the last few months we have been collecting all manner of bits and bobs together, he is really into LEGO so we have hoarded loads of LEGO and Mega bloks parts and figures to add onto the old Castle that I’m giving a fresh coat of paint to.

Wooden Play Castle Eveything Included in the BoxThis whole process got me thinking about what sort of Wooden Play Castles are out there that you could get for your children, well you might be lucky like me and have one to pass down to your children!

So taking a look around my favorite toy shops the first Wooden Castle that caught my eye was this lovely Wooden Play Castle that is exclusive to the Great Little Trading Co.

This is a lovely little Castle set that features everything a budding knight would want in a Castle. If your in a rush just click the link below to find out more, but if not then lets take a closer look at this great set.

Where can you get This Wooden Play Castle?

Wooden Play Castle Scene With Castle Accesories

This Exclusive to GLTC Wooden Play Castle is a really nicely designed castle which manages to fit a lot in a really well designed and quite compact playset. This is one of the things me and my wife have been thinking about recently, the actual size of the castle we have is quite big.. where are we going to put it!

So having a set like this, your going to find it easier to keep it contained. The Castle is made from easy to slot together Wood and MDF parts that are easy to take to bits and put back in the toy box at the end of the day.

Included in the set are a load of cool features that your children are going to love playing with, there is a Drawbridge and lets face it it would be quite a poor castle if it didn’t have a Drawbridge, so this one get a big tick next to the that essential requirement!

Wooden Play Castle Eveything Included in the Box

The Wooden Play Castle also features a Prison in the darkest corner of the Castle for all those scallywags that the king need locking up, one of the turrets (there are two) features a flag and pole, which really is another of the top requirements of a castle.

There are ladders and a winch (I think thats what it is??) on the other turret. At the back is a Castle Keep/Tower and all around the walls you have walkways for your soldiers to man the walls.

The Base splits in half making it even easier to pack it away once your children have finished playing.

I’m really impressed with this Wooden Play Castle and I think because its so well made its the sort of toy that your children will be giving to their children in years to come!

There are loads of accesories like Seige Towers, Tebuchet’s and Soldiers and Knights you can get for your Castle, click here to see them all.

What do you think about this Toy? Please rate it by clicking the yellow stars and feel free to write your review or just some comments below.


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