Wicked Socker Boppers and Wicked Powerbag

Wicked Socker Boppers PowerbagThe other day I saw a friends children having a whale of a time in their garden with a set of these fantastic new Socker Boppers. Until then I’d never seen them before, (as I later found it its because they are brand new!) but after a quick go I could distantly see how these are perfect for children.

Lets face it, boys will be boys and they sometimes get in… erm little scuffles.. so you might as well make it safe for them. These Socker Boppers are much safer than a pair of boxing gloves and a whole heap more fun, well for all the family!

They are like huge arm bands but you hold them on your hands, just like boxing gloves, but these are full of air that cushions the blow so all being well it should stem any tears.

Wicked Socker Boppers Price Comparison

Wicked Socker Boppers

Each pack of Wicked Socker Boppers comes with a pair of Socker Boppers, colours vary but your going to get either, Green, Red or Blue. They should fit most children’s hands but obviously this isn’t a toy for babies or even toddlers either. The Vinyl is super heavy duty so they can take a knock or two, thats handy! 😉

Wicked Powerbag Price Comparison

Wicked Socker Boppers Powerbag

Perfect for when your child’s friends have gone home for the night or if your child just wants to practice is the Wicked Powerbag, its like a huge boxing punchbag but its inflatable so its very low impact. You fill the bottom up with water or sand to weigh it down so it don’t shoot across the garden hen you Bopp it!

Fantastic fun for a gaggle of children in your garden this summer and a lot safer than your children taking up boxing!

Wicked Socker Boppers

Wicked Soccer Boppers on eBay

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