Why You Should Never Give Your LEGO Away

Sad LEGO Man

When I was at college I was talking to my dad on the phone, as you do, and he asked me a question that I’ve regretted answering the way I did ever since.

He said “Is it ok if we give your old LEGO to Poseidon (not the God, we actually know a now chap called Poseidon), his Dad has asked if it’s ok?”. I was probably, at the time, more interested in getting back to the 24 hour-long Mario Cart fest I was partaking in. Or some other mindless task, that was more than likely unrelated to my college work!

Of course without a seconds thought I said, “yep that’s fine”.


The pain of that decision is hard to quantify. I’ve woken up in the night screaming (aside I haven’t), I’ve been struck with bouts of uncontrollable sobbing (aside.. again.. I haven’t). Every time I saw one of those “hallowed bricks, of joy” I reached out with a grasping hand, feeling pure loss (….). For years I just about managed to keep the torment inside, my fragile little brain, it had been to hell and back, but I soldiered on, through the LEGO fog.

Years later on a mad whim I thought, “I know how I can make some money.. I can buy bulk loads of LEGO on eBay, split them into sets and sell them on again”. So I got to work, I ordered a few bulk lots of LEGO like the ones below…

[phpbay keywords=”lego kg” num=”3″ category=”220″ customid=”tc-bulk-lego” sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” templatename=”columns” columns=”3″ paging=”false”]

They began to arrive at my house. For a day or so I was happy in a LEGO haze, but something was just not right. I knew this LEGO wasn’t mine, it was just passing through, it wasn’t the same. I could almost feel the loss, I had been through, literally embedded in the core fabric of the plastic. Someone else’s LEGO. Somewhere out there a poor soul was unconsciously yearning for this very box of LEGO.

It was no good it didn’t feel right, It had to be sold, it was the right thing to do.

I was resigned to the fact that my life with LEGO was over…..

Then years later my wife turned to me one day and said those magical words we had been waiting for.

“I’m pregnant”

Yes, this was brilliant, I knew that LEGO salvation was on it’s way, one day just over the horizon, there would be a little person in my life. One who could play with LEGO without those “looks”, I being his Parent was legally allowed to play with said LEGO….

(of course I’m just being flippant here, honestly my lovely wife…)

CharlieCharlie was born and I didn’t have to wait long before the LEGO collection building could begin in earnest. Well I had to wait longer than I liked, I’m told by my wife that, babies and little LEGO don’t mix, tsk tsk was my INTERNAL REACTION, people I’m not completely mental, you don’t let on things like that.

Eventually the day dawned. My Mother in Law said to my wife,”I’ve got loads of your boxes in my loft can you come and get them please”. So we went and helped to retrieved my Wife’s childhood belongings. As I lifted one box, I heard the sound I had dreamed of since that regrettable question all those years before.

The sound of LEGO in a box. That unmistakable, sweet chaotic sound of the LEGO tumble.

When we got the box home, I instantly opened it, I didn’t give my wife a chance, “Charlie look at this” I quickly involved him, I knew in my calculated mind that it would be a lot harder for my wife to say “no he is too young for little LEGO, let him just have the Duplo for a bit longer”.

I couldn’t take it any longer, Duplo is fine but it’s just not the same…. it’s not.

So that was it I had introduced my two-year old son to the most joyful toy on the planet. “Say hello to my little LEGO friends, Son”.

For weeks we played with it everyday, it felt right and I could feel the years of anguish slowly fading away.

Charlie LEGO

It’s now years later and Mine erm Charlie’s LEGO horde has grown to a very respectable level.

Not that I’ve had anything to do with this….. 😉

To me, it seems a perfectly reasonable response when asked by relatives “What would Charlie like for his Birthday/Christmas”, it just rolls of the tongue doesn’t it…

LEGO please”

MMMWMwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh more LEGO to add to my… erm Charlie’s LEGO collection.

Ahhh and balance is restored.

This (last) week I have been mostly

This week I have been mostly working on this here site, but last week I was solely in charge of my two fine children, so that meant as well as Extreme Smart Trike Testing, we were in for some intensive LEGO Seshes.

Rose loves sitting in the middle of the pile of LEGO almost doing a Snow Angel movement as she ca-twangs little bits of LEGO all over the room, she loves it.

Charlie loves making minifigures so he had the task of making the Pirate horde, but when asked what he wanted me to make he said…. “Daddy make me a pirate ship, like out of Pirates of the Caribbean”, Now don’t worry, we haven’t let a five-year old watch the antics of Jack Sparrow, he has though played the most excellent LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean PS3 game, so he is very familiar with it all.

This is my creation… I am more than a bit proud of it.

LEGO Pirate Ship

A few days later we decided that we needed to make a port to go with it and this is what we constructed, again, how ace is this…

LEGO Pirate Port

I think we decided it was a Pirate port or a Pirate ruined castle or something, whatever it is it was great fun to build!

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have no doubt noticed, that some of those sneaky Mega Bloks have snuck in there, well you got me, what can I say.. they fit. (have you tried keeping the separate?.. you must be mental!)

So there you have it I’ve opened my heart here. This is my innermost LEGO thoughts, we really are massive LEGO fans in this house. I have a LEGO Gandalf who keeps me protected on my desk, constantly reminding me of the Awesomeness of the LEGO.

Notice that, my American friends, not an ‘s’ in sight 😉

Charlie has just got the LEGO Batman game for the PS3, he has been playing it all week, well a bit each day, we are not utterly irresponsible Parents you know 😛

And a few weeks ago we all sat down with eager anticipation to watch the Trailer of the new LEGO Film that’s coming out very soon.

Blown away doesn’t even cover it. This thing is going to RULE!

Bask in it’s most excellence, I dare you, I DOUBLE DARE YOU!

Roll on the 14th of Feb, we can not wait.



LEGO Loving father of two Simon, loves his family, playing, eating well and learning about new cool stuff. He very much like to help others and getting to play with toys with his kids while helping you find ace toys is a massive bonus! Check him out all around the tinterwebs on or Facebook or Twitter.