Garden Slides – Which Garden Slide should be in your garden?

We had been thinking about Garden Slides for a while and we were very lucky, when a friend of the family asked us, if we had room in our garden, for a well loved Garden Slide with lots of life left in it, “yes of course” we said.

My son is very glad we did as he loves playing on his Garden Slide, he also loves sitting on the top, king of his domain!

If you aren’t lucky enough to have been given a Garden Slide then you have quite a few options as to which slide is right for your children and for your garden.

Charlie blowing bubbles sat at the top of his slideIn this article I’m going to try and help you make a choice about which garden slide is right for your garden.

A Garden Slide is a toy that will hopefully last for years with your own children and you never know their children might be playing on it in twenty years time!

So its worth thinking about your Garden Slide purchase and making sure you get the best for your money and that you get something is safe and will last a long time.

Here he is sat on the top of his green Garden Slide, blowing bubbles, bless! A lovely scene, although later that day he had filled his golf bag up with mud and was pouring it down the Garden Slide with leaves and twigs! Boys eh!

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1. What to think about before you get your Garden Slide.

Plum Products Large Protektamat 1m x 1mWell firstly you need to make sure that your going to have enough room in your Garden for the slide and or play centre attached to it. You will also need a soft spot for the children shooting of the Garden Slide to land! Other wise you might have children with bruises or worse.

If you don’t have grass or an area with say bark on the floor like a playground, then a good opten is to get some soft mats like the excellent Protektamat which you can find here which are perfect to fusion a child landing on all sorts of garden toys.

2. Whats the best material for you Garden Slide.

Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant SlidePlastic Garden Slides, which most of the ones I’ve seen while writing this article are, are very durable, easy to move about and will last for blooming ages, they might loose their colour after many years in the sun, but they will keep on doing what they are meant to do for infinity (well maybe not quite that long!).

Metal are great but they do have their own problems too. Metal Garden Slides will need to be made out of metal that won’t rust and have been properly treated.

They do though on the flip side tend to be very strong and durable if made from the right metal. They are though a lot more expensive ( a proper lot more! ) than plastic slides and this is one of the reasons you see them down the park as they are the creme de la creme of slides.

I had it in my mind that you could also get wooden Garden Slides too, they have a climbing frame down at our local playgroup that has a small wooden slide attached to it, but I suppose its more for indoor use and aimed for younger children.

I suppose its easier to manufacture in plastic now, so plastic has become the normal material for slides… I have to say though I do like wood and they don’t make em like they used to!

So for cost, durability and movability I would have to say plastic for the slide bit and maybe metal for the frame, is in my opinion your best bet.

3. Do you need more than just a slide? Multi Play Centre?

Something thats worth thinking about before you buy a slide for your garden is, do you want more than a Garden Slide, don’t get me wrong the purpose of this article is to help you find the right slide for your garden, its just you have to think is it worth spending a little bit more and getting a Garden Slide and climbing frame in one, or climbing frame, slide and swing in one?

They do tend to be a lot more expensive, but if you are possibly in the future going to get a climbing frame, it makes sense to me to take a look at your options now. Rather than end up with two Garden Slides… not that your children are going to complain about that!

There are many Garden Play Centres available and I will write a separate post to cover all the options for you, in the mean time you can see some of the Garden Play Centres here. 

4. Budget Slides for small gardens and younger children

In this first section I’m going to tell you all about slides which are not too expensive but still lots and lots of fun!

Little Tikes Junior First Slide

First up is the Little Tikes Junior First Slide which is available in two colour combinations, blue / green and pink / purple. Costing only thirty quid this is a really great prices slide to get your children into sliding.

Its suitable for children from around 1 to 4 years old (and older!) kids will find this Garden Slide the perfect size to do themselves and if they were to tumble off, its not too high so they should, fingers crossed, not land too hard!

Little Tikes My First Slide - Pink / Purple

Little Tikes Junior First Slide – Pink / Purple

Little Tikes Junior First Slide - Blue / Green

Little Tikes Junior First Slide – Blue / Green

Another great feature of this slide is that when its not in use it will fold flat for easier storage in your shed or cupboard. Its also the perfect size that you can use it indoors or outdoors, its very much like one the have down at our playgroup.

Little Tikes Junior Slide

For 12 quid more than the above Little Tikes Junior First Slide you can get the Little Tikes Junior Slide which is a bit more curved and in my opinion has better designed steps and bigger parts for your kids to grab hold of when your child is climbing up.

Like the cheaper version the Little Tikes Junior Slide comes in two funky colour variations. You can get an all Pink one or a Yellow / Green slide.

Little Tikes Junior Slide Sunshine

Little Tikes Junior Slide Sunshine

Little Tikes Junior Slide Pink

Little Tikes Junior Slide Sunshine

Smoby Medium Garden Slide

Second up is the Smoby Medium Garden Slide which comes in a colourful and cheerful colour scheme of yellow, free and red. This slide is like the next step up  but its not really suitable for really young children, they recommend it from three years old, but I know lots of two years olds who would cope with it.

This Smoby Medium Garden Slide is a 150cm long slide which features some really well designed large chunky grip handles which are perfect to help children up climb the ladder.

This though is the best bit, this is way cool, you can only turn it into a flipping water slide in the summer with the brilliant included hosepipe attachment (well that is unless there is still a hosepipe ban!). How Cool is that?!

Smoby Medium Garden SlideThe Smoby Medium Garden Slide can be bought here for about 70 quid.

The Smoby Medium Garden Slide can be easily taken apart for storage and all the plastic is specially treated so it shouldn’t fade as much as other slides somethings do.

All in all for 70 quid you are getting a whole heap of slide for your money!

5. Bigger and more Expensive Garden Slides

If you can afford to splash out on something a little bit more expensive than £70 then there are some stinking slides that could grace your Garden and your children will proper love you!

Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant Slide

I have to put one of my favourite Garden Slides in here first the Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide, one of our neighbours has one of these and they are great their boys and my Son love playing on it and I can imagine they will be for years to come!

Last year I wrote quite a detailed review of these slides you can read it here Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant Slide. They come in two different colour combinations a Blue / Yellow / Red and a Yellow / Green version too which is my favourite, I suppose those colours seem to go in a garden more in my opinion.

As with the cheaper versions the Little Tikes Easi-Store Giant Slide is made of very strong plastic that shouldn’t fade too much in the sun and will fold up so you can store it away in your shed when its not in use.

Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide Green

Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide Green

Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide Blue Yellow and Red

Little Tikes Easi-store Giant Slide Red

Your children from the age of two upwards are definitely going to have loads of fun with this if you decide this is the Garden Slide for your family 🙂

Smoby 2 in 1 Slide

This is a great slide from Smoby as it can grow with your children, its a whole heap of Slide for your 200 hundred quid. I appreciate its a lot, but if you were to get a Smoby 2 in 1 Slide you will never need another Garden Slide.

The special design of the Smoby 2 in 1 Slide that to begin with the slide is about the size f the Little Tikes one, but as your child becomes more confident and more able to climb higher the Smoby 2 in 1 Slide can be expanded into a beast of a slide!

When set up in this larger configuration, the Smoby 2 in 1 Slide measures 3.25m long by 1.8m high now that is going to get any adult itching to have a go themselves I bet!

Smoby 2 in 1 Slide

Smoby 2 in 1 Slide

The Smoby 2 in 1 Garden Slide is brightly coloured and as you would expect is made of plastic that will resist colour fading.

All in all this slide is magnificent and  is a great way (like all the Garden Slides are) to encourage outdoor play.


Hopefully this has given you some ideas for which garden slide is right for your garden, if you would like to see more than click the link below to see the full range.

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