Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush – Get Talking And Singing

Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush - Get Talking And SingingAny parent of a young child will not have failed to notice the popularity of the programme Waybuloo and now you can see your child’s eye light up with the Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush.

The programme has been on our screens since 2009 and has become popular viewing for a multitude of youngsters. It is the main characters in the show that young children love the most, namely Yojojo, De-Li, Lau Lau and Nok Tok, known as Piplings. They live in the imaginative world of Nara and have a variety of child visitors every episode, fondly referred to as “Cheebies”.

Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush Price Comparison

The basis of the Waybuloo show is to promote health and language in young ones, with the programme being aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers. The characters practice their own form of Yoga known as yogo and with the Cheebies joining in, it is hard not to get down on the floor and join in the moves yourself!

The characters also talk, allowing for some learning and development in terms of early language practices, in particular individually recognisable, everyday words. The character of Nok Tok is one of the favourites out of the bunch, both with boys and girls, being a light blue and yellow colour (this Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Pipling is most likely to appeal to boys whilst the girls are likely to opt for the pink coloured Waybuloo De-Li Talking Plush!).

Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush - Get Talking And Singing

The Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush is suitable for children over the age of 18 months and is a great addition to any soft toy collection. Just like a traditional teddy, Nok Tok is made of soft material all over, making it suitable for small children (well we all know that they put everything they can in their mouths!).

There are no sharp or hard bits making it perfect to cuddle up to at nap-time or bedtime. The biggest advantage of this toy over others is that it is interactive and is not designed just to sit on the shelf gathering dust. The Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking Plush will talk to your child when you press its tummy which will engage the child’s imagination and boost talking skills.

Also when the tummy is pressed, the Waybuloo Nok Tok Talking toy will play melodies that your little one will recognise from the television programme. Nok Tok comes supplied with 2 AA batteries which lessens the chances of tantrums happening when you get home from the shop or take the delivery!

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