Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush – Perfect For Night-time Cuddles

Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking PlushAny young fan of Waybuloo will be ecstatic to receive the Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush. This soft and cuddly character is taken from the popular children’s television show, Waybuloo, which hit our screens in 2009 and has gone from strength to strength since.

The show centres on four main characters known as Piplings, which are Nok Tok, Lau Lau, Yojojo and De-Li. With large heads and friendly eyes, it is not hard to see why these characters, who live in their own world called Nara, are so appealing to children.

The emphasis of the show is to promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly in the form of the exercise known as Yogo. Similar to yoga, it is a great way to get children looking after their bodies and even older, stiffer parents will find that they might want to get down on the floor and join in the fun!

There is also some relation to language development as although the Piplings do not speak “proper English”, it helps no end to start building a child’s vocabulary with everyday words.

The character of De-Li takes the form of a cat and is one of the favourite characters, particularly with little girls, probably due to the fact that she is pink. She is very shy but is one of the most caring and nurturing characters found in the show.

Cuddle up with your very own Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush

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Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush

The Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush stands at around 11 inches tall and is aimed at children over the age of 18 months. She is made from very soft fabric all over (no hard eyes for example) and so is perfect as a night-time buddy to drift off into dreamland with.

Being lightweight and soft, she can also be taken anywhere, meaning that you may be able to avoid the tantrums that come with other toys which are impracticable for a jaunt around the supermarket! One of the best features of the Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush is that it is more than just a cuddly toy.

If the child squeezes De-Li’s tummy, they will be able to hear a selection of recognisable songs, melodies and key phrases from the show. The product requires 2 AA batteries which are included so your little one can start the fun as soon as you open the packaging.

All in all, any fan of the Waybuloo world will be pleased to have the Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush to add to their soft & cuddle bedroom collection.

Fisher-Price Waybuloo De Li Talking Plush cheaper on eBay?

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