Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink – Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

Dream ToysOne of the best photographic inventions for kids is this fantastic Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink which is available in Pink and Blue. This year it has been chosen as one of the best 12 toys for Christmas 2011! Its much like the VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera but a whole heap better!

Get out your snapping fingers round the Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink with its 2 megapixel lens, this camera uses a really kid friendly twisting lens.

With the Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink you will be able to take pictures and movies of your friends then take fantastic portraits of yourself!

The Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink features a 4x digital zoom, built-in flash, colour screen, 5 great games and dual view finders.

You will be able to edit and enhance your photos with a variety of frames, stamps and even some great wacky effects.

Lets see what the best UK price for your new Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink on Amazon

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Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink - Christmas 2011 Dream Dozen Toys

There’s a great built in voice recording function in the Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink, with 5 different voice changing effects: pitch up, pitch down, slow, robot and echo.

Product Features:

  • 2 mega pixel camera with twisting lens
  • 4x digital zoom, 256 MB of storage
  • SD card slot for memory expansion and built-in flash
  • Video taking
  • Voice recording
  • 5 built-in games
  • Stores over 500 photos
  • Add wacky effects to your pictures and videos
  • Connect to the TV or edit and view photos linked to a PC
  • Dual viewfinder and durable child friendly design with a grown up look
  • Recommended For Ages 3+ years

Or you could get your Vtech Kidizoom Twist Pink on eBay

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