UK Toy Fair 2013 – 60th Edition – Day 1 – Pictures & Videos

The Toy Fair 2013 60th Edition LogoToday the UK Toy Fair 2013 kicks off for the 60th time in the Olympia down in London. Sadly due to Snow, my Son’s Birthday, my carpentry course and a January spent avoiding doing my taxes, yet again I can’t make it this year.

I am though going to be keeping an avid eye on whats going on, making a big list of all those lovely new toys that deserve to be on this site.

So in this post I’m going to add some great images from the Toy Fair 2013 that I find on the tinterweb and also link to another great content like videos. I’ll be updating this with all the cool pictures I find through the day.

Toy Fair 2013 Videos

First up I’ve just found the best possible service for a person like me unable to go to the Toy Fair in person… only a flipping live feed!

Toy Fair 2013 Live Stream

Click here to watch the Toys Fair 2013 Live Streaming

Next up we have a video from the BBC that was shown on the Breakfast show this morning. Its a short interview with Samatha Lovday from Toys-Newsonline magazine and John McDonnall from Galt Toys talking about what they think is going to be great this year with toys.

John McDonnall Galt Toys at The Toy Fair 2013

Toy Fair 2013 Pictures

Here I’m going to try my best to post the best images I find from tuesday at the Toy Fair 2013.

Power Rangers 20th Aniversary Power Rangers Statue

First we have this excellent Power Rangers Statue that actually been made with hundreds of real Power Rangers toys, to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Power Rangers, how ACE is that! Happy Birthday Power Rangers, as popular as ever with Little boys, I can conclusively confirm this fact, my Son is Power Rangers mad!

HGL Dinosaur

Bananagrams Taxi Toy Fair 2012

A fantastic Bananagrams Taxi, great idea from the peoples at Bananagram

RaRa The Noisy Lion Toy Fair 2013

Happy Birthday Cake For Toy Fair 2013 60th Edition

Here we have the Birthday Cake made for the Toy Fair 2013 Birthday Party later today!

Becky Wilkins Designed The Toy Fair 2013 Poster

This is the Toy Fair 2013 poster that was designed by eleven year old Becky Wilkins, she won a special competition and her design is fantastic.

Power Rangers Megaforce at the Toy Fair 2013


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