UK Christmas Toys 2012

Christmas Toys 2012Ho Ho Ho! Its the Top UK Christmas Toys 2012!

The Christmas Lists lists have been out for a few weeks now so I thought it was time to  take a closer look at what Toys are predicted to be the most popular with children this year. Each of the main ToyShops in the UK always make lists of the Toys they think are going to be the most popular at Christmas, so what I’ve done is to compile them all into one huge list so its easy for you to see them all in one place, Hopefully this will help you with your Christmas shopping this year.

Ladies, Gentlemen and Children of the UK, I give you the big, massive, ginormous, makka jokka, comprehensive, complete (ish) Top 2012 Christmas Toys list! And now scroll down the page for the dream toys 2012!

The Top UK Christmas Toys 2012

The Toy Association has Released the Dream Toys!

Click the images above to see the toys they have chosen as the best toys for christmas 2012 for each genre or toys.
Its often a right minefield as a parent to choose the right sort of toys for children, in a world where sadly most children are exposed to an inordinate amount of advertising children know what they want.

So when choosing a present for a child in your life this Christmas take a look at this list for some great ideas of the sort of toys that will bring big smiles this Christmas or for Birthday presents as well.

Each toy on the lists above has its own review page so you can find out the essential information like if the toy will be suitable to your child or what sort of price the toy sells for, so you know when you have a bargain toy on your hands! I’ll also let you know the essential things about each toy like what it can do and how much fun it is!

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