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I thought it was about time I revisited the subject of Tree Fu Tom Toys seen as they are slowly but surely starting to creep out of the undergrowth and pop up on the shelves of a few toyshops. It seems that supply is very limited at the moment, but its nice to actually see what the toys look like. I have to say I’m happy they look good quality and although I haven’t got my hands on any yet I think the army of Tree Fu Tom toys out there, I expect you have one or two in your life e?.. will be very happy with this lot indeed!

Lets take a look at some of these Tree Fu Tom Toys then. First up lets take a look at the toys that many kids will love the dressing up toys. I’ve tried to included the best Tree Fu Tom Images I could find for each of the new toys.

Tree Fu Tom Costume Play Toys

Tree Fu Tom Toys Deluxe Holopax Watch

The first up in the Tree Fu Tom Costume Type Toys is the Tree Fu Tom Deluxe Holopax Watch, which is a bit like the Omnitrix from Ben 10, well its a lot less well alieny… It lights up and makes some sounds and it supposedly reacts to movement too, I reckon there are going to be hoards of little children with one of these clamped to their arms 24/7 before long!

Tree Fu Tom Deluxe Holopax Watch

Tree Fu Tom Holopax and Belt Set

A little less interactive is this Tree Fu Tom Belt and Holopax set, its not quite as interactive as the Deluxe Holopax above but it does have a special function on the belt which means it glows up the more you move. This is a great toy to get your Tree Fu Tom fans up and moving pretending to do some Tree Fu!

Tree Fu Tom Holopax and Belt Set

Tree Fu Tom Dancing Mat Toys

Tree Fu Tom Electronic Rap Mat

Get your kids up and dancing about with this Dancing mat. Although the concept is good, I’m a little disappointed that there are only two levels of play, seems a bit stingy. All the same if your kids are into Tree Fu Tom then they will love playing with this, I’m not sure of the long term play value of this toy though to be honest, I know I would get bored easily.

Tree Fu Tom Electronic Rap Mat

Tree Fu Tom Articulated Figures

Tree Fu Tom – Tom with Shield Articulated Figure

These Tree Fu Tom Articulated Figures are the cheapest of the Tree Fu Tom Toys range at just 5 quid each, which is great and it makes them the perfect pocket money type toy. I reckon this Tom will be far the most popular but they also make four other characters that you can see below.

Tree Fu Tom  - Tom with Shield Articulated Figure

Tree Fu Tom Squirmtum Figure

Sqirmtum wants to be a brave superhero and has a heart of gold but unfortunately he’s afraid of his own shadow!

Tree Fu Tom Squirmtum Figure

Tree Fu Tom Ariela Articulated Figure

Ariela is a rough, tough ranch-running butterfly cowgirl who loves being outdoors and isn’t afraid of acting the tomboy as she gets involved in all the fun.

Tree Fu Tom Ariela Articulated Figure

Tree Fu Tom Twigs with Acorn Articulated Figure

Twigs is full of fun and can cause as much trouble for Tom as he helps him get out of!

Tree Fu Tom  - Twigs with Acorn Articulated Figure

Tree Fu Tom – ZigZoo Articulated Figure

ZigZoo is a bubbly, eccentric inventor who always has another crazy scheme up his sleeve!

Tree Fu Tom  - ZigZoo Articulated Figure

Tree Fu Tom Deluxe Articulated Figures

These are slightly more expensive at about ten quid, but you get a few extras with each one, like a big clump of grass, which to be honest has very little play appeal if you just have the one, if you have a few I suppose kids would like making a clump of grass for their figures. Anyway there are three Deluxe figures available, check them out below 🙂 I LOVE The ladybirds.. I love ladybirds anyway biut these Tree Fu Tom ladybirds are straight up wicked!

Tree Fu Tom Tom with Skateboard Deluxe Figure

Tree Fu Tom Tom with Skateboard Deluxe Figure

Tree Fu Tom Twigs with Acorn Deluxe Figure

Tree Fu Tom Twigs with Acorn Deluxe Figure

Tree Fu Tom Ariela with Ladybirds

And bringing up the rear we have two excellent Tree Fu Tom Playsets that I think are the best of the whole lot, I’d be aster these if I was a four year old Tree Fu Tom Fan!

Tree Fu Tom Ariela with Ladybirds

Tree Fu Tom ZigZoo’s Amphibious Wagon

Tree Fu Tom ZigZoo's Amphibious Wagon

Tree Fu Tom Teabiscuit and Ariela

Tree Fu Tom Teabiscuit and Ariela

So there you have it dear Tree Fu Tom fan these are all the toys I could find for your delectation, I really hope your little squiglets enjoy them is you buy any for them and if you do buy through my shop links thanks for the commission! Have a nice day.

Tree Fu Tom Toys on eBay

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Tree Fu Toy Resources you might like

Tree Fu Tom T-Shirt (no official ones yet, but when I find one I’ll add it here) :: Tree Fu Tom Games

I started this post in July 2012 so what you see below is the original post saved for those who want to find out a bit more about Tree Fu Tom 🙂

Tree Fu Tom Toys width=My son discovered a new show on Cbeebies last week while he was ill, Tree Fu Tom definitely made him feel a bit better and kept him entertained while he got better. He watched Tree Fu Tom on the telly and when it wasn’t on the telly he wanter it on the iPlayer, I’m my view, that shows that Tree Fu Tom is a massive hit!

I know his Cousin is also a fan too and when the Tree Fu Tom Toys come out he and my Son are going to be well excited.

Tree Fu Tom Toys? Are They Out Yet?

Unfortunately though like many children’s TV shows, it sometimes takes a while before the toys come out, they do this for many reasons, one of those being that they want to make sure that the show is a success before investing considerable time and money into developing a toy range, I think this is fair, as a parent I understand, but you try explaining that to a four year old!

Personally I didn’t know anything about this Tree Fu Tom, or Tree Fu Tom Toys that my Son keeps banging on about so I thought I had better educate myself. There is an excellent article on the Cebbebies site all about Tree Fu Tom, here is an excerpt..

Tree Fu Tom Toys and the TV show is a fun fast-paced adventure show which is packed with amazing roller-coaster action sequences, so will probably be most enjoyed by the older end of the CBeebies audience.

The show may surprise little ones – so if you do have younger children, you may want to watch the first episodes with them to talk about how exciting it is.

It’s different but of course embodies everything you’ve come to expect and trust from a CBeebies show; everything always works out in the end and every episode has a strong emotional theme and a moral lesson.

In a nutshell, Tree Fu Tom is an epic, comedy, fantasy, action-adventure series following the amazing adventures of a young boy from our world called Tom.

Tom is able to create magic by doing sequences of cool-looking, simple, fun movements called ‘Tree Fu’. Using Tree Fu, Tom is able to transform into a magical superhero, travelling to ‘Treetopolis’ – an enchanted, miniature world nestled in an ancient tree at the bottom of his garden.

In every adventure there are critical moments when Tom’s normal action and magic skills are not enough to overcome the challenges that he and his friends face.

You can read the rest of this article which is written by Dan the producer of Tree Fu Tom!

Tree Fu Tom Toys

As I mentioned there are no Tree Fu Tom Toys currently out but after looking around the web it seems that..

FremantleMedia Enterprises has signed a deal with Giochi Preziosi for popular kids’ TV show Tree Fu Tom.

… and its looking like the Tree Fu Tom Toys will be out at the very earliest before christmas and more than likely early 2013, there are loads of Tree Fu Tom DVD’s and Tree Fu Tom Books available right now though.

Scrub that check out the top of this post for the actual Tree Fu Tom Toys!


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