Total Meltdown – Can You Crack The Code Before Total Meltdown?

Its Total Meltdown Time! The computer is in danger, can you help? All you need to do is complete the four fiendishly difficult tasks in time… easy yes? Well if you don’t do it though, you had better take cover as things are going to go really bad when TOTAL MELTDOWN happens!

Total Meltdown Game

You will need to have amazingly fast reactions a serious nature of being cool under pressure if you are ever going to manage to save us all from Total and utter Meltdown. Firstly you will need to work out the correct hole for each of the ‘live wires’ and only then can you complete the circuit with its 12 perplexing pieces. You will have to do all of this before you can work out how to crack the code to access the inner core!

Your Total Meltdown comes complete with flashing lights and sounds to add to the immense tension, You will have houses of fun with your family with this interactive sci-fi style game. Check out the picture below and make sure your start trying to work out how to beat it!

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Have you played Total Meltdown? What do you think of it? Why not let everyone else know what its like by writing a short review below, its quick and easy!


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