Total Action Football – Realistic Fast Paced Exciting Football!

Total Action Football - Magnetic Football Game - Box ImageTotal Action Football – Realistic Fast Paced Exciting Football! Today is a glorious day so I decided that I was going to write this review of the Total Action Football game, out in my garden on my aging laptop and now after half an hour of faffing about with wires I’m all set!

Total Action Football is a brand new table top Football game which very much reminds me of Subbuteo which I used to play round my mates when I was young in the eighties. The new spangled Total Action Football is certainly a step and a half up from that old Subbuteo set my mate had, although he did have the Bradford City FC set of players! Which if your from Bradford like me is somewhat wicked!

Anyway enough reminiscing about my childhood. Total Action Football is a game for you and a mate or more if you like! Included in the box is everything you will need for some cracking games of Total Action Football. You get 22 players as you would expect in a game of footie, but these are not just static players no… they have a funky magnetic action going on so when the magnetic football (you get two magnetic footballs) comes near your player it will get stuck to their leg ready for you to make the next kick of the game!

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Total Action Football - Magnetic Football Game - Two Lads Playing the Game Image

Your team is made up of specialized players so you can take care of any shot you will need to make to beat your opponent. Each team get one diving keeper to protect your goal as well a eight normal players who can pass, shoot and tap the ball. The most important player is your power striker who can win you the game! Your final special player is a player who specializes in taking free kicks.

To make your game of Total Action Football truly rock, you also get a pitch, a free kick ramp and a corner ramp as well as four corner flags and a sticker sheet!

This is sure to give you and your mates hours of great games in the run up to the World Cup, COME ON ENGLAND!

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