Top 12 Dream Games for Christmas 2010

Long gone are the days of tatty board games that made you board more than smile! Nowerdays Board games are fun and varied and sometimes very chalenging. On this page you will find the a list of the very best Top 12 Dream Games for Christmas 2010, chosen but the Toy Retailers association these games are expected to be the most popular this christmas!

On this page you will find some information about each game and a price comparison box which will show you the best real time price in the UK for buying your game online.

Top 12 Dream Games for Christmas 2010

Best of British Board Game

Best of British

The Best of British is a seriously funny image driven question board game focused on the quirky humour of everyday British life.

You will enjoy everything from Lolly-Pop ladies and conkers to fish and chips and bus stop queues.

Boggle Flash Game

Boggle Flash

Boggle, remember that? Well this game has been well and truly updated for the 21st century. Rather than of sixteen letter dice, you now have five futuristic electronic letter blocks.

Switch them on, you get five random letters and you have 90 seconds to get as many five letter words as you can!

Cuponk Game


Cuponk is a really simple game but its incredibly addictive. You get two balls and a cup and the idea is t get the ball in the cup using your environment to spice things up a bit.

You get a booklet that gives you some special tricks to learn, but with Cuponk you can create your own games of skill to master.

Elefun Game


Elefun is a magical game for children to play, they will love it.

Your Elefun has a huge trunk and with a big trumpet he will shoot butterflies into the air, the one who catches the most butterflies is the winner. Great fun for children of all ages!

Gator Golf Game

Gator Golf

Shoot the ball into the Gator’s mouth, he will then snap his jaws and with flick of his tail he’ll toss it back to you!

You will have a great time trying to get your ball into his mouth and getting the ball back is easy because he flicks it back to you!

You get two colourful golf clubs and golf balls, as well as Gator, great fun for all the family.

Lego Games Hogwarts 3862

Harry Potter Hogwarts Game

Between the moving staircases and secret passages at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it can be tricky to find your way around.

Be the first to successfully navigate the magical castle to collect all your homework items and get back to your common room!

Ravensburger Jolly Octopus Game

Jolly Octopus

Taking turns, you need to save the crabs by picking them out of their holes with the tongs.

Jolly doesn’t want you to take his friends, however, and tries to stop you by spinning and waving his tentacles.

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution is Monopoly as you have never seen it before; a circular board with all new graphics are introduced to celebrate Monopoly’s 75th Anniversary.

With built in songs and sound effects, the Electronic Banking Unit will make this a Monopoly experience that you will love.

Pig Goes Pop Action Game

Pig Goes Pop

The tension will mount as you continuously feed burgers to the greedy pig. Watch his stomach get bigger and bigger and be prepared for when he finally goes pop!

Pig Goes Pop is a fun-filled game which will have your children shrieking with laughter!


This fast-paced game will test your speed and dexterity as you pump, pump, pump your way to the top! The first person to make their Pumpaloon sound its whistle wins the game!

A fun way for children to exercise and develop their motor skills!

Scrabble Trickster Game

Scrabble Trickster

With new twists and tricks, Scrabble Trickster will keep the whole family entertained for hours!

This is the perfect game for anyone who would try to break the rules of the original scrabble ! A fun-filled game which is perfect to play on a cold wintery evening!

Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It

Trivial Pursuit: Bet You Know It

Trivial Pursuit Bet You Know It Board Game. Whether you are playing this with a group of friends at a party or with your family on a rainy day in, you will bound to be entertained and even educated for hours!

Bet on your opponents, earn chips to buy that wedge. Now there’s a chance to get a wedge on every turn- victory is that much closer. No lulls- everyone plays on every turn and with 1800 questions there’s plenty of great content to get you talking.


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