Top 12 Dream Creative Toys For Christmas 2010

Let me introduce you to the Top 12 Dream Creative Toys for Christmas 2010! Every year the Toy Retailers Association decides which are the very best new toys of the year. They choose a selection of toys in each main category and on this page you will find below the Top 12 Dream Creative Toys for Christmas 2010. So if you are looking for the perfect present for a loved one who loves to be creative, then you can’t go wrong in choosing on of these fine toys!

Next to each toy you will find a brief description of the toy and a price comparison box with the best prices online in the UK, these are updated automatically.

Bendaroos Creativity Centre

Create fantastical creations with these wonderful wax Bendaroos strips, made all the more fun with the with the Bendaroos Creativity Centre. Bendaroos stick easily to paper, glass, plastic, and even to each other, to help you make amazing models and shapes.

Bendaroos Creativity Centre

Bendaroos also easy to unstick and you can do it with no mess at all, so you can use them to make new shapes again and again!

LEGO City Airport 3182

The brand new LEGO City Airport is a sight to behold, with a fantastic airliner that has room for loads of LEGO Minifigures and a huge terminal for checking in and out this 700+ piece LEGO set will have you building for hours!

LEGO City Airport

Featuring five fantastic LEGO Minifigures a security checkpoint, airport tower bagagge van and even an x-ray scanner your LEGO City Airport will be just like a real one!

LEGO City Cargo Truck 3221

With two minifigures to drive and load the huge LEGO City Cargo Truck which is a frackly massive 39cm long, you will have a trucktastic building time!

It comes with nine boxes and a trolly to move them about and the whole set comprises of 278 pieces.

LEGO City Cargo Truck

When you have blocks to deliver than you won’t find a bigger hauler than this great LEGO City Cargo Truck which is ready to get your deliveries there on time and safely.

Crayola Colour Explosion Glow Dome

Create your very own glowing and spinning Image with the Crayola Colour Explosion Glow Dome. The Glow Dome comprises of a clear rotating dome, in which you can create your very own magical glowing light effects by simply drawing on it with the six magical glow markers.

Crayola Colour Explosion Glow Dome

The Crayola Colour Explosion Glow Dome has two points to pen your creative designs, on the inside panel, or on the rotating outer dome!

Crayola Colour Wonder Magic Light Brush

This seriously ingenious painting set comprises of six magic gel paints, each of which remain totally clear until you use the Crayola Colour Wonder Magic Light Brush. To find out which colour is which all you need do is hold the brush over the gel and it will magically light up the colour it will appear on the colour wonder paper.

Crayola Colour Wonder Magic Light Brush

The brush lights up with the colour you’re using and when you paint with it on the Colour Wonder paper, the colours magically appear!

Disney Princess Snow Globe MakerGet set for some glittertastic, twirling fun, with this fantastical Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker. This fabulously pink Snow Globe Maker includes everything you need to create three truly magical and reusable Snow Globes, which will contain your very own glitter-filled scenes!

Disney Princess Snow Globe Maker

Simply create a scene and add a beautiful princess figure, from a choice of Snow White, Cinderella or Ariel.

Then, fill the globe with glitter, snow and water, twist to create a glitter-filled storm and rotate the wheel at the base of your Snow Globe to watch the princess dance.

Harumika Designer Dress Form Set

The Harumika Designer Dress Form Sets enable you to create your very own fashion sensations. Design and create your very own beautiful fashions using material inspired from Paris, New York and Japan, the world’s fashion centers. You can use the included fabrics, belts and rhinestone stickers to develop the outfits of your imagination.

Harumika Designer Dress Form Set

With Harumika there is no need for sewing or cutting , use the silicon strips at the back of the mannequin to secure the material in place The Paris designer set comes with everything you need to create beautiful Paris themed fashions including 2 mannequins with different colours , 4 themed fabrics, belts and fabric/rhinestone sticker sheets.

Moon Dough Barn Spin Master

The Moon Dough Barn is magical moulding fun. Moon Dough is amazingly light dough that will never dry out! With the Moon Dough Barn you can create your very own Farm. It really is quite simple to use, you put the Moon Dough in the top of the big barn, rotate the handle and see your farm animals magically pop out!

Moon Dough Barn, Spin Master

Then you can mould some hay to keep your animals from getting hungy, then mould a fence to keep them in your farm. Included in the Big Moon Dough Barn are a fence and hay moulds, themed play mat and 3 colours of Moon Dough.

Noteez Secret Messaging Kit Activity Centre

Now you can create secret messages for friends and family with the Noteez Secret Messaging Kit Activity Centre. You will have loads of fun as you design and write your secret notes using the activity centre.


First you roll out the included note paper and then use the stickers, stencils and of course your own artisic talent to decorate your secret Noteez messages. Once you have completed your notes roll them up and place them into one of the colourful pendants and keep it hidden until opened by the receiever. The pendants can be worn around the neck, hung up to be found or even attached to bags.

Play-Doh Puppies Play Set

Help this mummy dog figure care for her puppies – but first, you have to create them. Mould cute little puppies out of Play-Doh modeling compound and use the basket and bowl moulds to create pretend food and toys for them.

Play-Doh Puppies Play-set

Give your mummy dog a mop of hair, help her make paw prints and then use your Kibble Kranker tool to make lots and lots of pretend puppy food. This cool playset is definitely great fun. Set includes four two-ounce cans of Play-Doh compound, Kibble Kranker tool, mummy dog figure, basket mould and bowl mould.

Lego Toy Story Woody and Buzz to the Rescue

By land and air, the race is on to catch Andy’s moving van! Woody and Buzz are racing to catch up with Andy’s moving van! Pull back on their car friend RC and release to make him zoom into action at top speed with the Toy Story™ heroes aboard.

Toy Story 3 Woody & Buzz to the Rescue

Flair Zubber Jewellery Maker

Create your own unique Zubber necklaces, bracelets and rings! Mix the bright Zubber colours to create cool shades and effects then add the jewles, rings, clips and bands to make fantastic jewellery in your own, individual design!

Zubber Jewellery Maker

After mixing and moulding, your own Zubber creation sets like rubber in only 10 minutes, so you can make a new piece of jewellery for every outfit, every party and even every friend!



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