Top 12 Dream Cool Toys For Christmas 2010

Now are you in for a real good treat! Say hello to the Top 12 Dream Cool Toys for Christmas 2010. This list includes only the coolest toy that have come out in the last year. Chosen by the Toy Retailers Association these are believed to be the toys that are the best and will be the most popular for Christmas 2010.

Now next to each of the toys below you will find a Price Comparison box which will help you to find the cheapest price in the UK and will also show you in a glance who is stocking each toy. The prices are updated all the time so they are accurate.

So if your looking for a Present for someone who like to play with the coolest and the best toys then this list is sure to have something that they will love!

Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity Remote Control Car

Storm across walls and celings with the amazing power of light with the Remote Control Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity Racers.This fantastical Remote Control car takes racing to a whole new stage.

Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity Racers

Air Hogs Laser Zero Gravity Racers drive across the floors like a normal remote control car, but you can also literally drive it up the wall and even, if you can believe it, drives on the celling!

Air Hogs Vectron Wave Remote Control Flyer

These brand new ingenious Air Hogs Vectron Wave flying machines will fly around with little more than a shake of your hand. Using a new way of control unlike anything you have seen before you can fly the Air Hogs Vectron Wave

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

You don’t get a normal remote control with your Vectron Wave and thats because yu don’t need one, with this ingenious new infra red technology you control the Vectron Wave it hovers at a height you set and then you control it using gestures and your hands!

Animatazz Activity Set

With Animatazz you can put together your own animated movies in next to no time. First you create your very own characters with the posable figures and the included modelling clay, once done you can start filming.


Then using your digital camera you film your Animatazz film frame by frame and then use your computer to edit the frames together. Eventually you can compile your very own animation and once finished, you can share your animation to the world!

Barbie Video Girl

Your used to the normal Barbie Dolls right? Well this is something very very new, this new Barbie Doll is not just a doll no no no, she is a video camera, too! Seriously a real video camera is actually inside this Barbie

Barbie Video Girl

.She has a proper camera lens hidden in her necklace and she has a video screen on her back that allows you to record and view movies instantly. It’s moviemaking from a Barbie doll’s point of view – literally! Once you have finished filming you can transfer it via USB!

Battle Machines Remote Control Cars

Battle Machines are a great new Radio Controlled game where you have to tag your opponents car. Each Battle Machine comes with an infrared laser and an infrared sensor and the goal is to shoot your opponent with your laser until their vehicle is destroyed.

Battle Machines

Each Battle Machine controller allows you to move your vehicle into the best position where you can tag your enemy and you do this by opening fire with your fire button! Let Battle Commence!

Bladez Micro Helicopter Remote Control Helicopter

Micro-Bladez 3D Remote Control Helecopter is the most exciting, fun and technologically advanced mini-RC helicopter in the world. If your looking for the very totally best indoor remote control toy helicopter in the world then you need look no further!

Bladez Micro Helicopter

The is one huge leaps forward in radio controlled technology meaning that the Micro-Bladez 3D is fantastically simple to fly, massive fun to master, and sleek and cool looking too.

Bop It Game

With Bop It you never know what is coming next with this fun and addictive game! Twist It, Pull It, Bop It, SHOUT IT! The thing is can you react to the commands quick enough to beat your high score?

Bop It

Bop It! features a new high score and 4 new commands; Pull It, Twist It, Bop It and SHOUT IT! This is a great game for parties with the Party Bop Mode, or play Bop It solo and try and beat your personal best!

Mattel Loopz Game
This Loopz game will seriously test your speed, agility, music memory and alertness! Regardless of whether you play on your todd or with your friends this interactive game will keep you having a laugh for hours! Loopz is a skill and action music memory game that really gets you moving!


This interactive Loopz Game comprises of 4 semi-circular rings, the loops flash with ever-quickening patterns of light and music which players must mimic by waving their hands through the corresponding loops.

Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS

Open Up a veritable storm of darts from this fully automatic Nerf N-Strike Stampede ECS which is the largest Nerf blaster to date. Load up the extended 18 dart clip into the blaster and you are ready to fire away.

Reloading your Stampede can be done seriously quickly as the Stampede comes equipped with 3 additional clips and 60 darts!

Nerf N Strike Stampede ECS

This Nerf gun is loads of fun and you will also be safe from enemy fire as the Stampede also features a blast shield which attaches to the tactical rail and protects the user from incoming fire during a Nerf battle.

Paper Jamz Guitar

Paper Jamz are one of the most exciting musical inventions to come out of the invention labs this year! They are seriously cool. Each Paper Jamz comes loaded up with three licensed tunes for you to play, or you can just jam along with yourself.

Paper Jamz Guitar

Paper Jamz are the perfect Music toy to get into Playing the guitar for only a few quid, you can stum your very own chords and they sound utterly Rocktastical!

LEGO Technic Buggy 8048

This Lego Technic Buggy is a fantastic kit, which makes two different vehicles, a cool dune buggy and a powerful tractor. With 314 pieces this will give you hours of fun building the Buggy and the Tractor out of the parts included.

Technic Buggy

Once you have built these models, let your creativity free and create something yourself from the pieces or add these pieces to your LEGO Technic collection and make something brilliant!


The Zibits are tiny remote control robots that you’ll love to collect. There are twelve awesome robots to collect, each with its own look, colour scheme, and robotic light and sound effects.


Use the mini remote control to send your Zibits racing forwards, or spinning 360 degrees. Race against your friends’ Zibits, or set up an obstacle course for your little robot.


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