Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck!

Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck!It’s always a battle to get the kids to tidy their room but you can make it very appealing with the help of the Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck.

This dumper truck is packed full of great features and it is safe to say that it blows many other dumper trucks out of the water when it comes to providing fun and learning experiences for children.

The truck is made by that renowned toy manufacturer, Hasbro, and has the usual durability and friendly style that we have come to love from their products.

Looking at the Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck on the shelf in a shop gives no clue to the surprises that await your child when they get it home. For starters, this is a very intelligent truck knows when the back section of his dumper is full and will actually tell you that he knows!

He is also very mischievous and will shake to try and get rid of his load before you had filled it to the top. He comes ready with a whopping 50 phrases and sounds which help to make him really come to life. The sounds and phrases are activated when you push either his flat bed at the back or press his lights at the front.

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Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck!

Once the Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck has helped your child to tidy up the mess in their room, he will then have room to play for a little while. As well as heaving heavy loads, Chuck likes to have fun and will spend hours doing wheelies around the floor.

He also likes to play games and comes complete with a story book filled with adventures which can inspire even more imaginative play.

The Tonka Chuck and Friends Tonka Rumblin Chuck is designed for children over the age of 3 and it might be best to buy two as older siblings are very likely to want in on the action with this amazing truck too!

The truck is made from very sturdy plastic and is brightly coloured with a friendly, fun face on the front. Chuck requires 4 C sized batteries which come as part of the set with the truck and the story book.

It is safe to say that Chuck will provide hours of fun for your child and will mean that you have to spend less time picking up their toys off of the floor!

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