Timmy Time Toys A Fantastic Creation From Aardman Animations

Night Time Timmy - Timmy Time ToysTimmy Time Toys A Fantastic Aardman Animations Creation. Timmy time is a lovely children’s program aimed at preschoolers in the UK, my Son who is just over two absolutely loves it. Created by Aardman Animations who are responsible for the fantastic Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

Timmy Time follows the adventures of Shaun’s younger brother Timmy as he goes to school with all the other young animals. As you would expect from Aardman the models and sets are seriously well made and children love the great stories played out in Timmy Time. I think Children relate, especially young children as there is no actual talking, but each animal talks in their own way ie Baa’s for Timmy.

As soon as my Son started to get into Timmy Time, singing the theme tune at the top of his voice, I wanted to get him some Timmy Time Toys. I also knew that from the quality of the animation the toys would also be of similar quality and I wasn’t wrong.

First up we have a Night Time Timmy which is a big cuddly Timmy who closes his eyes and snores when you lie him down, you can also press his hand and he will Baa. The Night Time Timmy is really well made, this is the one we got for our Son and he loves it to bits, Timmy has pride of place next to my Son every night in Bed!

As well as the large Night Time Timmy you can also get a 10″ Talking Timmy (for prices see below) and a range of smaller Timmy Time Beanie featuring all of the characters. There are a range of plastic Timmy Time figures that go with the great looking Timmy Time Nursery School Playset which looks very detailed featuring art easels and many interactive elements for children to play with.

Finally there is a fantastic Timmy Time Pop Up Game that is just like the Buckaroo I used to play when I was a kid! Only with Timmy as the character!

Some Great Offers on Timmy Time Toys in the UK!

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Timmy Time Toys get yours cheapor on eBay

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