ThunderCats Toys – Thundercats HOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooo

Thundercats Toys Lion OThundercats Toys are back on the shelves, oh what a blast from the past this is for me personally.

When I was little, Thundercats was on the telly the first time round, yes in the 1980’s, and my weekly or was it fortnightly treat (its a long time ago!) was a trip up to our local paper-shop to get my Thundercats magazine. I can almost smell it it had such a profound effect on me, Thundercats, for a few years was definitely my favourite.

I can’t say I remember having all that many Thundercats Toys when I was a boy though, maybe that was when we didn’t have much money or LEGO won out that Christmas, as it often did!

Anyway enough toy nostalgia, roll on, more years than I care to remember, Thundercats are back on the little screen and as brilliant as ever for a brand new generation of little boys and girls. My Son has watched a few episodes but I’m not sure if he likes it, maybe he is a little too young for it at 4. He is though very impressed with the Toys, like father like Son eh? because I think they are marvelous.

My wife has just reminded me that when my Son, who loves to scream LionO’s call of Thundercats HOOOOOoooooooooo, always sound VERY Yorkshire when he says it, being a Yorkshire lad, abet one who no longer lives in’t the might land of Yorkshire he normally sounds like a southerner but this phrase brings out the Northerness in him! He normally has his Power Rangers sword in his had at the time!

The new (well not all that new now!) range of Thundercats Toys that are taking the world by storm have been created by Bandai and although they have a modern feel they definitly nod their head back to the magnificence of the Thundercats Toys of old.

Thundercats Toys

Must Have Thundercats Toys Number One, Lion-O

Lion-O is the main character and owner of the iconic Thundercats Sword and the brilliant call to arms that goes with it.

Thundercats Lion-O 15cmI just know you feel the itch to go and watch some more now you’ve just watched that… well I do!

No thundercats fan should be without their very own Lion-O Action Figure, As a Parent Lion-O should be the first Thundercats toy you buy your Son or Daughter, seriously they will thank you!

Lion-O comes in quite a few variations first up you can get a 10cm Thundercats Lion-O which is the cheapest one and then you can get a 15cm Thundercats Lion-O which comes with a few more accessories. These are what you need to look out for if your children are into the current series.

They have somewhat confused matters with their range of toys though because they have also made modern remakes of the Old Thundercats toys as well. So you can get various versions of a Classic Thundercats Lion-O as well, now he does look wicked, but if I know most kids wouldn’t understand why their Lion-O wasn’t the one they saw on the TV! I foyu have a look in my Thundercats Toys section you will see all the variations of Lion-O.

Next up..

You Have to have a Mumm-Ra ( The Ever Living!) Action Figure

Thundercats Mumm Ra The Ever Living!Mumm-Ra is the decidedly evil arch enemy of the Thundercats. He also comes in a few variations too. Rightly so though, because in the TV show he changes from a decrepit old Mummy into Mumm-Ra the ever living.

As with Lion-O you can get smaller 10cm Mumm-Ra action figures, which are about the size of old Star Wars Figures (and the new).

As with the other figures in the line you can also get a Mumm-ra Collectors 15cm figure that comes with some cracking accessories, check out the size of that double ended sword axe type thing! Proper evil.

You can also get Mumm-Ra in his smaller older form too, great if you can get them both so your child can do the transformation themselves from one to the other!

Other Thundercats Action Figures to Concider

Those are the two main figures I would suggest, but if your children want more then your first port of call would be to get some of the other Thundercats gang. These include the likes of Tygra, Cheetara and Panthero, there are loads to choose from to add to your Thundercats Collection.

Lion-O’s Thundercats Sword

Another toy in the Thundercats Toys range that I think is fantastic is Lion-O’s Sword, perfect for little people ( and you! ) wanting to pretend to be in the Thundercats!

Thundercats Deluxe Sword

There are loads and loads of other toys available like vehicles for your figures click here to take a look at all the different styles of Thundercats Swords and other Thundercats toys.

Thundercats Toys

ThunderCats Toys on eBay

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