The state of Ordertoys and its soon to be new name…..

Today I’ve decided that yes I am going to change the name of this blog once and for all. For months and months the name of this blog “” has been iritating me, its been constraining me to have to write in a certain way that was just not truthful to who I am as a person. I’m honest, I’m from Yorkshire and us folk from Yorkshire say it how it is. For ever so long though I just haven’t been well…real.

I started this blog to make money I’m not going to say I didn’t and there is nothing particular wrong in that, If I have helped someone to find what they are looking for and helped a merchant to make a sale than I think its fair for me to get a small percentage of that sale.

But the thing is some where over the last three years I’ve got muddled up as to what this site is for and who its for, I’ve tried to make it one thing.. a shop.. I’ve tried to make it a blog… but both I didn’t do in the right way so they confused me never mind you the viewer.


For me a lot of the problem is the name, I even asked a group of friends last week, if I should change it, some said yes, it would be a good idea to be more personable as Ordertoys does, to my mind sound a lot like “Buy these toys you”, many of my friend said it would be a shame to not have toys in the title so in my new choice I’ve added toys well toy 😉

I’ll come to that in a bit.

Over the years of writing posts about toys I’ve tried to be too nice, too clean cut and just regurgitated the same old product descriptions you see all over the place on toyshop sites. Of course they have to keep “people” happy otherwise they won’t get “their” toys to stock, I understand this, they have to keep their personal feeling about the toy manufactures and various brands under-wraps for fear of their jobs and not rocking the boat.

I don’t though.

Only now though am I beginning to realise this, I can write what ever I want about these things, and to be honest I bet you would prefer it to have an honest voice, in this industry of back slapping and sales targets. As A Parent I don’t give a toss about all that I just want to get some good quality toys for my Son and Daughter that aren’t going to be crap quality and break after a few months. I like many other people in this world of toys have fallen somewhat for the marketing hype surrounding many toys and their launches.

I personally view many of these toy launches quite cynically, but I’ve gone along to get along thinking that was the best way to run my site. Well no, now I don’t think it was. I’m going to tell it how I see it and if I think something is crap I’ll tell you.

There are some stonkingly good toys and brands out there, that go above and beyond to over deliver in their toy offerings and I will of course continue to point these out, I will though be looking at those who don’t and ask well why, why are your toys so shoddy?

Anyway this is what I hope to do, the first step in moving to a new way of looking at this ginormous toy industry, (that I both love and in part loath) is to get real and the name “Ordertoys” “Buy these toys now” just isn’t, for me, cutting the mustard of what I actually want to do with my life anymore. So I’ve bought a new domain that will enable me to talk about this area of my stupidly diverse interests in a way that will truly expresses my thoughts and personality in a way thats not going to slowly ebb away my soul. is the new name of this site, I need to work out the best way of switching all the stuff over to this new site so for a week or so things are likely to be a little wonky and stuck together with prickstick, but I’m sure I’ll get there in the end.

So what do you think of the new choice of name, I’d appreciate your thoughts.

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