The Joy of Block & Hand Printing with Your Children

charlie using the Self Inking Animal StampsPrinting with your children is a great creative and crafty way to make some brilliant pictures, and get covered in paint.

In my opinion there is nothing better than getting your children involved in creative activities where they can learn about creating their own pictures, it also give you a constant supply of fine quality artwork for your kitchen gallery!

Here at Ordertoys we are very lucky, one of the fantastic toy shops we work with KidditoonaToys sent us a goody bag of great toys to review and test out!


Charlie was very eager to get stuck in and have a go with the new printing toys we were sent. Straight away he was of with the Self Inking Animal Stamps and got stamping.

Self Inking Animal Stamps

The Self Inking Animal Stamps are cool because as the name implies they are self inking so children can just grab them and start stamping, without having to have a separate ink pad.

Coming in a set of ten featuring loads of great animals they will appeal to any child. They are meant for over three’s but as always its up to you and your child I feel.

Charlie and his friends (and me ;)) had a great time with these Self Inking Animal Stamps and I’m sure he will be happy they are now part of his drawing box!

Self Inking Animal Stampers

If you would like to get your child a set of this lovely stampers click here fore more info about the Self Inking Animal Stamps.

Next it was time to get utterly mucky with the gigantic Brown Ink Paint Craft Pad we had been sent.

Giant Brown Ink Paint Craft Pad

The Giant Brown Ink Paint Craft Pad is a really simple invention but one that makes hand and feet printing really easy.

It didn’t take long before my Son was utterly covered in brown paint, but he had a great time making hand and feet prints.

Foot Printing

He found the Giant Brown Ink Paint Craft Pad really easy to use and he had loads of fun with it, the only problem was he had brown toes for days and days!

So if you are looking for a gift for a little one or just something for you and your child to enjoy than I can’t recommend enough getting your hands on some stampers and inch pads and having a right good print!

Check out KidditoonaToys for a lovely selection of children’s toys with an educational slant.




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