The Dream Toys 2012 – Top 13 Christmas 2012 Bakers Dream Dozen Toys

Dream Toys 2012Its that time of year again the Dream Toys for Christmas 2012 have been release fom the toyologists at the British Toy Association, these are the toys these toys experts think are going to be the hottest toys for Chriatmas 2012.

As someone who has been paying attention to all the new toys that have come out over the year I have to say they are totally bang on with their choices, these and the other toys in all the other niche Dream Lists are totally they toys I had expected to do well this Christmas.

So let me run through each of the toys chosen, for each one you will see an image, short review, price comparison of the best six UK prices and if I’ve writen my review of the toy , I’ll show a link so you can read more if you like.

The Dream Toys 2012 – Dream Baker’s Dozen!

1 – Cabbage Patch Kids – Jakks Pacific

Cabbage Patch Kids 2012
Like a blast from the past the Cabbage Patch Kids are back, I’m not sure they ever really went away, but here for a new generation of Children is a new line of Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls.

With loads of styles to choose from and with their famous podgy cutsie faces these dolls are sure to be on lots for children’s christmas lists to father christmas this year.

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2 – Furby – Hasbro

Furby 2012 Purple
It seems to be the year of the comeback because here we have another one with he very popular Furby of that late nineties making a return to the toyshops of the world and I have to say He/She?it has had a massive overhaul.

The new Furby 2012 is literally crammed full of really smart technology and a toy that at first view might seem a bit weird its actually turns out, when you have a play, to be a really fun and engaging toy that will make you laugh and surprise you.

Check out my review for more info

3 – InnoTab 2 – VTech

Vtech InnoTab 2 Tablet
These tablet computers for children are seriously all the rage this year and with two tablets in the top 13 its not hard to see why.

The Innotab 2 from Vtech is a nicely improved version of their Innotab 1, it comes with better games, memory and a camera that spins round. It feels nice in your hand and its freally fun to play with.

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4 – Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Pirate Ship Bucky – Mattel

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Pirate Ship Bucky
Every-time I read the name “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” I hear that theme tune n my head, its utterly infectious. These new range of Jake and the Neverland Pirates toys are set to be just as infectious.

The star toy in the range is the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Bucky the Pirate ship thats a play-set for fans of the V show that does loads of cool things just like the TV show. Perfect for younger Children.

5 – LeapPad 2 – LeapFrog

Leapfrog Leadpad2 Main
The second in the 2012 Childrens Tablet War is the LeapPad 2 which features similar functions to the Vtech one but as with the whole PC/Mac thing you choose the one tats right for you.

I preferred this one, it felt better to in my hand, its great for video and still pictures, there are loads of cool effects and a huge, litterally huge range of games to play and more being made all the time.

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6 – LEGO Friends Olivia’s House – LEGO

LEGO Friends Olivias House
It wouldn’t be a Christmas list IMO if it didn’t feature at least one LEGO toy, this year there are two and this LEGO Friends Olivia’s House set is well and truly for Girls.

The New LEGO Friends rage of toys just for Girls has been really successful and its no surprise because they are all up to the usual LEGO high standard.

With loads for children to do and a nice big house to make this will keep them happy for … weeks!

7 – LEGO The Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria – LEGO

LEGO The Lord of the Rings The Mines of Moria
This is without a doubt what I want for Christmas! The LEGO LOrd of the Rings Mines of Moria set is a brilliantly imagined set that recreates the famous battle scene from The Lord of the Rings.

With loads of LEGO Minifigures and loads of nice details like Barlin’s tomb and the mine shaft, even a huge troll this set is a really cool set that any Lord of the Rings fan would love to own.

8 – Mike the Knight’s Deluxe Glendragon Play-set – Character Options

Mike the Knight's Deluxe Glendragon Play-set
Another really popular show with younger children this last year has been Mike The Knight, a delightful show that follows the adventures of Mike and his friends.

This Mike The Knight Glendragon playset features Mike and his Horse along with loads of cool features for you to play with, perfect for your children to imagine they are Mike the Knight.

9 – Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls – Mattel

Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls
These monstrous Monster High Ghouls Rule dolls are all the rage with older Girls and I have to say I like the twist on the cutsie normal Girls dolls, with this fantastical Gothy feel Monster High Dolls certainly have attitude.

There are quite a few of these Monster High Ghouls Rule Dolls to collect and each has her own personal style and I’m sure yo are going to love (and want) them all!

10 – My Moshi Home – Vivid Imaginations

Moshi Monsters My Moshi Home
This new Moshi Monsters My Moshi House is just like your house in the online Moshi Monsters game. So Now you can recreate your virtual Moshi Home in the real world and play with it with your real Moshi Collection.

My Moshi Home comes with loads of accessories a special Moshi Figure and loads of stickers so you can make it your own.

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11 – Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire – Hasbro

Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail Fire Blaster
One of the if not “THE” biggest Nerf Guns ever made is this Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire. It certaily has the largest capacity of any Nerf Gun ever built, its able to hold over 140 darts, now that is impressive.

It fires really fast and it feels seriously good in your hands. With this Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire you will always have more darts than your enemy!

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12 – Twister Dance – Hasbro

Britney Spears Twister Dance Box Image
In a change of style Twister has been brought up to moden times with a new Twister Dance game which features music from Britney and others in a new game when you dance along to the tunes.

A game for all the family and you can even load up your own music and play along.

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13 – Web Shooting Spider-man – Hasbro

Web Shooting Spider-man
And rounding up the list to a Bakers Dozen is this new Spider-Man is fantastic, he is 13 inches tall and has webs that shoot out of his hands just liek the real Spider-Man.

A must have for a spiderman fan in your life this Christmas 2012.

So there you have the 13 of the best toys for Christmas 2012, the Dream Toys 2012 a mighty fine Dream Bakers Dozen.


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