The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster – Christmas Toys 2012

The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web BlasterSeriously is are there any little boys who don’t like spiderman? Kids who have never even seen the film or Tv show love it too, there is just something about Spiderman that is inherently cool to kids (of all ages!).

My Nephew is utterly into Spiderman, considerably more than my Son, he has Spiderman everything, like even a Spiderman sleep suit, now that is commitment.

The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster Price Comparison

While me and my Son were at the recent event at the Entertainer, we got to have a play with all these fantastical new Christmas Toys that are predicted to be (well by the most popular this christmas with all the little squiglets.

While there we got to play with The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster, well I say play with we kind of did, they wern’t that keen (rightly so) on having silly string all over their nice conference room! and the other option for this Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster is to fill it up with water… and that would have got messy also.

So this toy is definitly one for outside and not to be played with in a business setting! Oh I was highly tempted though ,to just sneek a quick go, would they really notice the silly string? out of the window? no my wife was there so I couldn’t be bad….

I consoled myself by shooting nerf darts all over the place, so much so that Charlie started to say “Daddy!” in a disapproving tone… not good is it when your four year old is telling you off for being naughty.

Whats in the Box of The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster?

I hear you ask, well let me tell you. Or infact first let me show you…

The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster

First up you get a cool Spiderman glove, I wonder if you can get one for the other hand? I tried this on when we were playing with this… my hand was way to big though, so definitely for kids this one. I expect if you have a Spiderman costume this would go really well with it, in fact you could have two of these blasters one for each arm, now that would be some right firepower.

Next up you get a lump of plastic, which conveniently is shaped into a flipping fantastic Spiderman web blaster. It fits on your wrist and is designed so you can shoot just like Spiderman does with his two middle fingers, kids are going to love this, my son Charlie did.

You can fill up your Spiderman Dual Web Blaster with either Spider-Man silly string (I can just small that stuff right now, such a distinct smell) or a water bottle, both of which are supplied with this set.

The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster In Action

I expect you can re stock the silly string canister with ones from places like Card/Fancy dress type shops, but lets be honest, after 2 times cleaning silly string out of your house I expect you will be saying something along the lines of “sorry darling, they don’t sell that anymore…”

All in all the The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster is a great choice of present for a Spidy mad child in your family, I reckon my Nephew will be getting one of these for Christmas, well thats if he hasn’t already got one! So the The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster is one of the predicted best toys for Christmas 2012 and I have to say it is mighty fine.

The Amazing Spiderman Dual Web Blaster on eBay

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