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Five Flavours of the Playmobil Christmas Calendar In 2013

Playmobil is a brand I’ve always had a lot of respect for. So I thought it was about time I gave them some love and took a look at their five new flavours of Playmobil Christmas Calendar for 2013. Now I have to point out that only two of these five Playmobil Calendars are actually…

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Charlie and The Wooden Trains

The Slow Toy Awards A Refreshing Toy Industry Change

Yesterday evening I was setting up my new Toychief Facebook page (my old one was Ordertoys) and I stumbled upon a fantastic award ceremony that happened recently in Harrods, the Slow Toy Awards. The idea of the Slow Toy Awards which is only in its second (or is it third?) year (so I can forgive…

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Hideout Wigwam Childrens Play Wigwam

Play Wigwams The Perfect Den For Your Children

I’ve just spotted the Hideout Wigwam on the lovely GLTC Website, every time I go to that site I see some of the nicest toys, they have such a beautiful collection of toys that you know will be going strong many years from now. The Hideout Wigwam caught my eye because Charlie has spent the…

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Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher Featured

Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher – its Morphin Time

This Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher is what Charlie wants for Christmas this year. He has already collected a few of the Power Rangers Cards together from the magazine and every-time he sees this he says he wants it for Christmas. Of course like most other Parents in what is revered to as the…

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Chasin Cheeky Main

Chasin’ Cheeky – the Bum Waggling Giggle Machine

When I first saw this Chasin’ Cheeky game for the first time I have to admit it was somewhat stifling a yawn. On the telly ad you have the normal high pitched, high energy, zany advert. I guess they work, adverts like these, they must do, they keep making them. Personally I don’t like this…

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