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Why You Should Never Give Your LEGO Away

When I was at college I was talking to my dad on the phone, as you do, and he asked me a question that I’ve regretted answering the way I did ever since. He said “Is it ok if we give your old LEGO to Poseidon (not the God, we actually know a now chap…

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LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series R2 D2

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Could This Really be Any Cooler?

Seriously peoples could this Lego Star Wars R2D2 set be any cooler, really? Personally I really don’t think its possible this is the epitaph of LEGO Coolness and Star Wars Nurdess. Thinking about it actually there might be a feww that are cooler, like the Death Star and the Super Star Destroyer…… ok well its…

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LEGO City Fire 2013

2013 LEGO City Fire Fighting Sets – A New Firefighting Force

This post is an overview of the excellent LEGO City Fire Fighting Sets that have been created for the excellent LEGO City range, they will be freshly hitting the shelves near you in 2013. I tell you, its had work keeping up with LEGO and their output, they are, one could say rather prolific. They…

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LEGO Chima Wakz Pack Tracker Main

LEGO Chima Wakz Pack Tracker – Track down the CHI

LEGO Chima Wakz Pack Tracker – Simon’s Review The Chima Wolf Tribe are on the hunt for CHI and their LEGO Chima Wakz Pack Tracker is just the thing for the job. One of the most excellent new LEGO Legends of Chima range this set is a beastly vehicle thats got real suspension and is…

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