Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel The Finest Hotel in Sylvania!

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset Image of the Front of the HotelThe Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel has got to be the finest Hotel in all of Sylvania! Give your favorite Sylvanian Families the treat of their lives with a trip to this wonderful Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel play set.

Spread over three floors the Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel is one of the biggest Sylvanian families play-set buildings they have ever made. This is a very luxurious hotel with nine separate rooms for your guests to enjoy. With views out of every window and a magnificent stained glass window your guests will be surrounded by the lap of luxury!

With a balcony and a beautiful roof terrace your guest will be able to enjoy the fine weather outside.

Included with this Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset is a beautiful chandelier that actually works! This can be placed in various parts of the Hotel so you can decide where it goes.

Included with the Regency Hotel from Sylvanian Families are two great new characters, Basil the chef who will keep your guests well fed during their star and Suzette the waitress who is always on had to make sure your guests have everything thy need, are comfortable and always makes sure their drinks are well topped up!

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Price Comparison

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Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset, Hotel Reception

Inside the Sylvanian Families Hotel you will find a reception area with a desk complete with a pigeon hole for each room. To help your guests get their luggage into the hotel you get your very own bellhop trolley and it even comes with a few suitcases for you to play with. Included in the play-set are four bushes which you can play around the grounds of your Regency Hotel.

This is a great playset to encourage imaginative play and will give you hours and hours of fun! Enjoy your holiday at the Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel.

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Set cheaper on eBay?

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Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset, hotel opened up

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset, hotel opened up

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Playset Roof Terrace

Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel Links

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