Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge – Your Idyllic Summer Retreat

Sylvanian Families Larchwood LodgeThis Fantastic Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset is the ideal toy for you to build an idyllic woodland retreat for your own Sylvanian Families collection who will love staying at Larchwood Lodge. The Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset is one of TheToyShops Star Buys for Christmas 2011!

Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset has plenty of room inside for all your Sylvanian families figures and its even big enough for you to host parties!

On the lower floor of the Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset you will find a Lounge and Kitchen. Upstairs you will find a huge space that you could use as a bedroom, bathroom or a playroom Its completely up to you! The Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset like all Sylvanian Families playsets comes with minimal furniture, but that means there is plenty of space for you to decorate how you want to!

Lets find the best UK price for the Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge

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Sylvanian Families Larchwood LodgeThe Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset also boasts a porch and balcony to the front. Larchwood Lodge is easy for little hands to access all the rooms as it features an open back.

You will also find a cool downstairs extension in the Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset that you can use as a draw to store Sylvanian Families accessories or pull it out and use it as an extra seating area for your party!

As well as all the sweet features i’ve mentioned so far about the Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge Playset you also get Opening doors and windows, a Staircase and Trellis fencing for your families flowers.

Sylvanian Families Larchwood LodgeYour New Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge is suitable for children adged 4 years and up. Its also quite big, it measures 34cm high, 40cm wide and 31cm deep.

Like other Sylvanian Families playsets, all figures and accessories shown in the pictures are sold separately – but there are loads and loads of Sylvanian Families figures and Sylvanian Accessories that you can get to go with this Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge.

Or you could get your Sylvanian Families Larchwood Lodge on eBay

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