Get In A Spin With The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill

Get In A Spin With The Sylvanian Families Field View MillOnce the Sylvanian family of choice hops into the stylish Sylvanian car they have a variety of destinations to explore, including the Sylvanian Families Field View Mill.

With the range of Sylvanian Families buildings and accessories being so vast, it is not long before children are using their imaginations and learning through play with these magnificent toys.

The fact that Sylvanian Families has been around for over 25 years is testament to how much children have enjoyed playing with it through the years.

The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill came onto the market in the latter part of 2010 and is one of the most interesting buildings available in the range.

As with most windmills, the Filed View Mill is a perfectly round shape and covers a generous 3 floors. The lowest floor is accessed by way of a set of stable doors and on this level is an integrated porch swing which folds out to add to the fun.

The second floor is then reached by scaling a white ladder and it is on this level that there is the first of two outdoor balconies which stretch right the way round the mill.

The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill Price Comparison

Get In A Spin With The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill

The third level is also reached by way of a ladder and conceals an exciting extra, namely a concealed observatory complete with telescope, where visitors can gaze up at the sky.

Get In A Spin With The Sylvanian Families Field View MillChildren will also love the fact that the sails do actually turn round once you wind them up and there is a little bucket attached to a winch so that supplies can be transported to the top or lowered back down.

Without sounding too much like an estate agent, the mill is very bright and airy thanks to numerous windows and doors, all of which can be opened and closed when required.

The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill is aimed at children aged 4 and over, and it is safe to say that any true Sylvanian Families fan will relish adding this piece to their collection.

The set does not include any figures, furniture or accessories (other than those mentioned above) but it is likely that your little treasure already has a multitude of spare accessories that they can use in the mill. It is pretty much guaranteed that if you buy the mill for your child or children, they will be all in a spin with glee for a long time to come!

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Get In A Spin With The Sylvanian Families Field View Mill

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