Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School – Ring The Bell!

Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School PlaysetThe new Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School is a gorgeously decorated building with a real school bell and working clock on its tower.

The School has two floors, with a classroom on the ground floor and an arts and crafts area and library upstairs.

Sylvanian Families is a huge range of cute, collectable animal friends, which are adored by little girls. There is a whole host of different animals to collect, along with their houses, furniture, vehicles and even schools.

This lovely furnished school building comes complete with a range of 45 great accessories. These include six beautifully crafted desks, six tiny chairs and even a blackboard for the teacher.

Children will love setting up the classroom ready for school lessons, and they will let their imaginations run wild, thinking up different lessons for the Sylvanian Family kids.

(please note: there are no Sylvanian figures included with the Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School).

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Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School Playset

Aimed at children aged 4+, the Berry Grove School is a pretty addition to any little girls Sylvanian Families collection.

The Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School comes fully assembled, so no fiddly bits for mum and dad to put together – it’s ready to play with straight away!

The perfect school for all the little Sylvanian Family animals, whether your favourites are the Rabbits, Red Deer or the Dormouse family.

Like all Sylvanian Family products, Berry Grove school is charmingly designed and of good quality, with great attention to detail. Therefore mums will love it too, as it will bring back memories of their very own Sylvanian collections when they were young!

Sylvanian Families Berry Grove School Playset

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