A Trip Down To The Sylvanian Families Beach in 2013

Sylvanian Families Beach Cherrie's Day At The Seaside Close Up

Sylvanian Families LogoIn this post I’m going to take a look at all of the sets in the new Sylvanian Families Beach range, well I say new, its an old range that they have decided to expand this year. I spotted the new Fish and Chips van and I totally love it so I thought I’d write a more in-depth post about all the figures and sets you can get so you can build your own Sylvanian Families Beach.

Sylvanian Families Beach Fish and Chips Seller and CustomerNow being a man you wouldn’t expect me to like Sylvanian Families toys (this man totally loves them though!) and if I’m being honest I probably wouldn’t go out and buy then for myself. I have though always had the same respect for them as a brand as I do for the likes of LEGO and Playmobil. Their toys are extremely well made and they are made to last for literally generations. I really like this quality in toy manufacturers and Sylvanian Families is in my opinion a brand who really do make sure their toys are very well made and that their customer is happy.

When I was a kid, 30 years ago my sister was really into them and I fully expect my young daughter, who is currently just 5 months old to like them when she is a bit older. I’m definitely going to be buying her a few sets and I fully expect her to love them as many many many other little girls do. Now of course with all toys there will be loads of lads out there who enjoy playing with Sylvanian Families toys too, but it predominantly is more of a girls toy range, their toys aren’t half cute though!

So lets dive in the glisteningly warm water and take a look at what is going on down at the Sylvanian Families Beach this year, what can you have for lunch and what games can your family play? Of course your going to need to get down to the Sylvanian Families Beach so might I suggest the excellent Woodland Bus or you could take your Sylvanian Family Caravan and Car, if your staying overnight make sure to book a Sylvanian Families Beach Craven!

Sylvanian Families Beach Seaside Range of Toys

Let us take a closer look at some of the lovely toys that are available in the Sylvanian Families Seaside range. We will start with the bigger play-sets, then move on to some great food stalls and finally we will take a look at some of the beachside accessories you can get for your Sylvanian Families.

Sylvanian Families Fish & Chips Van

First up we have the most excellent Sylvanian Families Fish & Chips Van, that prompted my to write this post, I was looking on the Sylvanian Families Website and spotted this set and it brought a smile to my face. This play set is based on the very popular Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Van that was one of the best toys of 2012.

By using what looks like the same mould (or very similar) to make this new Sylvanian Families Fish & Chips Van they have created a great toy with a very British whiff! If you not from the UK then you might not know that here in blighty if your down at the seaside the you are bound to run into loads of Chippy vans like this one selling their lovely wares of piping hot Fish ‘n’ Chips to eager crowds of holiday makers. Life in Sylvania is no different and they love their Seaside Chippy Van.

Lets take a look at some pictures of the mighty fine Sylvanian Families Fish & Chips Van…

Finally Osbourne is your friendly Chip Shop owner who in his fetching Blue van serves up fishy treats to one and all. You will be happy to know that unlike many of the other Sylvanian Families play-sets this one does actually come with Finley Osbourne included, something I am very happy to hear. One of my major bug bears with Sylvanian Families is when you are buying a big playsets you expect at least one figure, yes mountains of cool accessories are great, but a figure is better!

So in the box you get this mighty fine Blue Sylvanian Families Fish & Chips Van which has some great stickers on the sides and a fantastic Fish and Chips cone motif on the rear of the Van. The number plate made me smile when I saw it, “CH1 PPY”, very clever 🙂 There is space inside for Finley Osborne and his wife, you can get her separately, I’ll be coming to her in the next section. The rear of the van is crammed full of fryers and other tools of the trade and the whole set contains loads of Accessories.

Having loads of Accessories is something I really like about Sylvanian Families, they get this so right, they really help a child to fully engross themselves in a world of their creation. Included in this set are a frying basket with chips, an empty frying basket, fish tray, 2x fish, 2x chips, a chip holder, 2x fish n chips, 2x fish cakes, food tongs, ketchup bottle, vinegar bottle, 2x mushy pea pots, 2x glasses, 4x food trays, table and 2 chairs and a sticker sheet with all the stickers for you to attach to your van and accessories.

A great set that would make a mighty fine present.

Sylvanian Families Francesca the Fish Fryer and Sonny Barker

Of course running a successful Fish and Chips van is not just a one man affair so Finley Osbourne relies on the help of his wife Francesca Osbourne who helps to make the finest group down at the Sylvanian Families Beach.

Francesca the Fish Fryer & Sonny Barker - Sylvanian Families Beach Scene

These two characters would make the perfect addition if you were going to buy the Sylvanian Families Fish and Chips Van. This small set also includes a few additional accessories that would go great with the Chippy Van these include a portion of fish n chips, a juice carton, tray, mayo bottle, sticker sheet and some paper parts.

Sylvanian Families Beach Hut Summer House

Now this Sylvanian Families Beach Hut or Summer House is not a new set but it definitely is worth mentioning in this post because if you were wanting to create your very own Sylvanian Families Beach scene then this set would a great focal point. Its the perfect place for your Families to dump their Beach stuff and chill out and take in the atmosphere of the beach.

[phpbay keywords=”Sylvanian Families Beach Hut Summer House” num=”3″ category=”220″ customid=”tc-” sortorder=”EndTimeSoonest” templatename=”columns” columns=”4″ paging=”false”]

So this set does look nice in the pictures with all the accessories, but I have to let you know that you don’t actually get a right lot with this set other than the Beach Hut, which to me is a little disappointing, I’d personally rather see them raise their prices slightly on their Sylvanian Families House and include an exclusive figure or something. As long as you know that you will have to get some extras to get the full effect with this set then its not too bad (for a lump of plastic!).

You can arrange the parts of the building in a few different formations, take a look at the images above to see the different ways you can set it out, with a few figures and accessories this would be a great set to compliment the Fish and Chips Van… you will need to spread a bag of sand out over your living room carpet though.. but then your cool with that aren’t you. 🙂

Sylvanian Families Elsie’s Ice Cream Trike

Now the local Sylvanian Families Ice Cream Van can’t always make it as they are mega busy so in their stead they have set Sylvanian Families Elsie’s Ice Cream Trike instead. She is more than capable of keeping everyone happy with their mid afternoon cooling treat.

I really like this set the trike is lovely and you get loads of really nicely detailed accessories, these include Elsie Buttercup, her Ice Cream Trike, a umbrella and 8 ice creams.

Sylvanian Families Dolly’s Candy Floss

What could be a better match to a nice Ice Cream on a hot day than a bit of Candy Floss! Thankfully Auntie Dolly Dale has her own trike thats fully kitted out with a fantastic Candy Floss machine.

As well as an Auntie Dolly Dale figure you also get her pink candy floss trike which contains her candy floss machine and included are eight candy floss toys that she can sell to your families.

Sylvanian Families Beach Character and Accessory Packs

As well as the main sets we have already looked at in this newly updated Sylvanian Families Beach range there are also a load (well five) figure and accessories packs which are all reasonably priced, about a tenner and they all are great value. Buying Sylvanian Families sets like these is a great way to build your daughters collection in small steeps and they are the perfect price for christmas and birthday presents.

So lets take a look at each of the sets individually and see where you can get them online for the best price too.

Sylvanian Families Beach Cherrie’s Day at the Seaside


Sylvanian Families Beach The Babblebrook’s New Arrival


Sylvanian Families Beach A Day at the Seaside


Sylvanian Families Beach Fun & Games


Sylvanian Families Beach Picnic


In Conclusion

There we have the whole of the Sylvanian Families Beach toys and play-sets range. A mighty fine addition to anyones Sylvanian Families collection or maybe just the start to a great new passion for your child.

What do you think of the new Sylvanian Families Beach Toys? Let me know your thoughts below and I hope this page has been useful to you.



LEGO Loving father of two Simon, loves his family, playing, eating well and learning about new cool stuff. He very much like to help others and getting to play with toys with his kids while helping you find ace toys is a massive bonus! Check him out all around the tinterwebs on or Facebook or Twitter.