Sylvanian Families Ambulance, Speed To The Rescue

Sylvanian Families Ambulance BoxSylvanian Families is a well renowned children’s toy range and any keen collector would be happy to add the Sylvanian Families Ambulance to their hoard. Surprisingly, Sylvanian Families has been around for a whopping 26 years and has gone from strength to strength over this time.

One of the biggest reasons for this is the attention to detail that has been paid by the manufacturers, adding that something extra special to the whole imaginative playing experience for the child.

There are many great bits and bobs for your child to collect, adding to the magical world of Sylvania where furry and friendly inhabitants have many great adventures. The Sylvanian Families Ambulance is a fantastic new addition for 2011 and keeps up the Sylvanian Families tradition of being detailed to the hilt.

Sylvanian Families Ambulance Price Comparison

Reminiscent of the earliest ambulances, the vehicle has a fantastic traditional look on the outside but is filled with all the technological equipment that can be found in a modern day ambulance.

Sylvanian Families Ambulance Open from the Side

The Sylvanian Families Ambulance has two seats in the front, one for the ambulance driver and one for a passenger. The rear has a step ladder leading up to the treatment area at the back behind the front cab. The single rear door swings open easily for quick access and the roof can be lifted up so that children can easily get into the back to help the Sylvanian family animals treat their patients.

Sylvanian Families AmbulanceNow comes the exciting part! The back of the ambulance is loaded with a multitude of medical equipment (probably better than some of the real ones out there!) and has a cupboard which opens up to reveal plenty of space to hold the likes of medicines, bandages and plasters.

There is also a modern wheeled patient trolley complete with cosy blanket to make sure that the patient is kept warm. In addition to these items (and making up an impressive number of pieces in the set) are gas canisters, a breathing mask, medical manual books, a saline drip complete with stand and even a clipboard with patient monitoring chart.

To top it all of the rear has a fold-down seat and there is a bell on the top to alert other furry friends to the fact that the ambulance approaching.

With so much attention to detail, allowing for an incredible amount of creative play, it is no wonder that the Sylvanian Families Ambulance is a fantastic addition to the Sylvanian Families collectibles. The set is suitable for children over the age of 4 but you may even find yourself playing at being a paramedic when no-one is watching!

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