Stickle Bricks – Perhaps the Best Underrated Building Toy?

Stickle Bricks Creations

In our house Stickle Bricks rule the toy pile. When my son Charlie was about one and a half my Mum and Dad gave him a small bag of Stickle Bricks, that once upon a time used to belong to me. I had almost forgotten about them, I wasn’t even sure you could still get them.

As soon as I had them in my hands I quickly remembered what a lovely toy they are to play with. I didn’t need to help my young son at all, he picked up a handful of Stickle Bricks and started creating.

And do you know what….??

Star Wars Stickle Bricks AtAt CreationsHe is almost six now and I can say that since that day, not ONE day has gone past in this house without him or our almost one year old Daughter Rosie playing with a Stickle Brick. Ever.

On my About page on this blog ( I must update that) I posted this picture of my Son’s herd of At-At’s that he made from the Brick with the most Stickel, but its taken me this long to actually give the Stickle Brick the love it right royally deserves and post this post.

Why are Stickle Bricks So Great?

Well they are so damned intuitive, its utterly insane how easy they are to play with, children of all ages (and I’m including me in that!) can pick them up and within a minute they will have created, a man, car, boat, spaceship or one of another million possibilities.

Lego is probably the most popular building toy, who am I kidding LEGO IS the most popular building toy in the world, but it does often take a bit of time and patience to build things and for younger fingers working out the physics of LEGO, so that what your child has built doesn’t instantly fall to pieces can take a bit of learning.

Charlie Stickle Brick Creations

Stickle Bricks on the other hand are very forgiving, of course they do fall to pieces, but they are so easy to just play with its really no wonder they are so popular in our house.

Our Daughter Rosie is just beginning to understand that she can stick them together, she has spent the last few months eating them, every few minutes it “Rosie! get that out of your mouth!” but it won’t be long before she starts to make some great creations of her own.

Where do this Colourful Blocks of fun come from?

Stickle Bricks CreationsI have to admit that through the process of writing this article a thought occurred to me, where did they come from? I suddenly realise I knew utterly nothing about Stickle Bricks and who created them, so off to Wikipedia I trotted to find out a bit more about these Stickle Bricks, these hallowed blocks of joy.

This is all the info I could find on the lovely Brick of Stickel

Stickle Bricks are a construction toy primarily intended for toddlers invented by Denys Fisher in 1969. The brand is owned by Hasbro and they are currently manufactured by Flair Leisure Products plc. An individual stickle brick is a colourful plastic shape a few centimeters long which has a “brush” of small plastic “fingers” on one or more edges. The fingers of adjacent stickle bricks can interlock, allowing them to be joined in various ways. Standard sets of stickle bricks contain triangular, square and rectangular pieces. Most sets also include other types of pieces such as heads, wheels and teddy bear shapes.
Several companies manufacture similar toys, not all of them compatible. Names for these toys include “Nopper”, “Bristle Blocks”, “Fun Bricks”, “Clipo”, “Krinkles” and “Thistle Blocks”.

So there you go, now we know, thank you Denys Fisher, you sir are a Legend! I also have to point out he was also a fellow Yorkshireman, you see we are made from good stock up there lad! Sadly he passed away in 2002, but well done sir, your work carries on in a million playing fingers around this little old world.

Stickle Bricks Creations from Charlie

Where can you get Stickle Bricks and the compatible toys from?

You will hopefully be very happy to find out that you can still buy Stickle Bricks and the two places I suggest to look first are Amazon and make sure you check out eBay because there are bound to be some cracking deals on Stickle Bricks. I’ve added a few links here for you to quickly see what’s available.

Buy Yourself… erm…Your Children! Some Stickle Bricks

So a Stickle Brick Conclusion

Stickle Bricks are the one toy apart from LEGO I would always say you should get for your children, they have such an incredibly diverse and timeless play potential that they should put a warning sign on them, “WARNING – These will be played with for Generations”. Seriously, my children are playing with my Stickle Bricks, not right this second, one of them is asleep and the other one is at School, but later today I can bet you a trillion pound I’ll be the one putting a load of randomly spread Stickle Bricks back into their box after a few hours of happy playing.

Go on do your children and your children’s children a favour and get a box or two of these wonderfully fantastical construction toys, the Stickle Brick is one of the best toys out there.

And the don’t hurt half as much as standing on a bit of LEGO does!

I’d love to know your thoughts on Stickle Bricks

Well done if you got this far, I really appreciate it, but if you have a few seconds to spare please write a few words below and let the people out there in the tinterwebs know what you think about Stickle Bricks, I’ll love you forever if you do!



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