Star Wars Toys

Star Wars toysStar Wars Toys are “THE” most successful toy franchise of my lifetime, I was born in 1976 and all my life Star Wars Toys have been around and over the years they have got more and more collectible and popular!

When George Lucas brought out the new Star Wars toys on the back of the hugely successful first Star Wars film he completely revolutionized Film Toy franchising and its never been the same as it was pre Star Wars.

Ever Since the first batch of Star Wars Action Figures that hit the stores in the late 1970’s , Star Wars Toys have been capturing the imagination of literally millions of fans around the world and have constantly gone from strength to strength.

Roll on 34 years later and they are still in the top ten list of the most popular toy brands in the whole world. There are hundreds and hundreds of types of Figures, vehicles, and everything else has been made “Star Wars” if you are a collector then you have so much choice.

Star Wars Toys, Classic and New on Amazon

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Very popular at the moment with Star Wars fans are the Star Wars LEGO sets which have taken Star Wars to a new level of interaction, now you can build your own vehicles!

The choice is astronomical and there is no way I could cover even a millimeter of what you can buy that’s Star Wars related on just this one page, but hopefully I can point you in the right direction to find some great Star Wars Toys for yourself with the links below.

Star Wars Toys, Classic and New on eBay

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