Star Wars Itty Bitty – Cuddly Toy Review

Last week those nice people at Hallmark sent me though three of their new range of Star Wars Itty Bitty themed cuddly toys to test out. Instantly, like literally the moment my daughter spotted them on my desk she claimed them, they were now her star wars toys…

Star Wars Itty Bitty 1 Toychief

That was until her older brother (and uber Star Wars fan ) came home from school and copped an eye on them!

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of the Itty Bitty range from Hallmark until these plopped through my letterbox, but it’s quite amazing I managed to miss them as there are oodles of them out there in the wild. When I first opened the envelope and was checking out what they were like I was quite amazed to discover a very familiar Bradford address on the label. I’m from Bradford and grew up in Heaton, very near to Hallmarks headquarters, in fact many (many) moons ago, I think before it was a Hallmark factory, I worked there one very hot summer holidays picking and packing Christmas Cards, yes it was a surreal as it sounds. It was the summer of Edwin Collins and his “never met a girl like you…”, I must have heard it close to a million times on the local radio piped through the warehouse…. Sorry got lost in nostalgia there for a moment!

Star Wars Itty Bitty 2 Toychief

Back to the future again. So I imagine you may have noticed recently all the talk about a certain new Spacy Film, I know they have been quite reserved about it, this time, hardly any fanfare and you have to search high and low for the toys.. who am I kidding, hehe, the Star Wars Force Awakens build up and toy drop was mammoth. Disney has pulled out all the stops on his one and you know what, I’ve seen the film. I thought it was marvelous and I instantly wanted to see it again. I still do, I’d happily watch it again right now, it’s great, so I was very happy to be asked to try out these three squidgy Star Wars Itty Bitty toys.

Star Wars Itty Bitty 3 Toychief

Today I had to search around the house to find them all, that there is a testament to how much my children love them. When our friend came round and saw them she said her son would love them, in fact, she was going to get him some for his Birthday, what’s not to love, cuddly toys and Star Wars!

Anway it took me a good 10 mins of rooting around to find these three wandering Star Wars Itty Bitty before I could write this review, I found Rey hiding in the toy room up ontop of a shelf. The Storm Trooper in a pile of drinks bottles, books and Star Wars Alarm clocks on my Sons bedside cabinet and poor Chewbacca squished down the side of my Sons washing basket.

Star Wars Itty Bitty 4 Toychief

Yes, they have been well played with!

Not surprising really as they are perfectly crafted for little fingers to grab onto and with the fact that they are all squishy they are not going to hurt anything or anyone when they go… flying.

They appear to be well made and I imagine they will last for light years, well maybe a millennium, well alright maybe like 20 years or more give or take! Each character has been cutesified (I imagine that’s a word) but in a way that still keeps the essence of each character and each one is instantly recognisable.

Star Wars Itty Bitty 5 Toychief

Each one is about six or seven quid you can get them online and of course in high street, they are available at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores, £6 each or 2 for £10. (at the moment)

Star Wars Itty Bitty The Full Range



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