Star Wars Force Trainer, You Are Not Going To Believe The Magicalness!

Star Wars Force Trainer Gadget ToyI saw this on telly a good few months ago and completely forgot about it, at the time I remember thinking WOW that looks flipping great! The Star Wars Force Trainer is something literally out of another world, you are going to think this is utterly wicked!

This amazing new gadget/toy from the hugely popular Star Wars world is the Star Wars Force Trainer. This gadget comes in two parts, the first part being a Jedi training remote which you wear on your head so you can use your Jedi powers ( didn’t you know you had oodles of them?!) to control the ball in the Training Tower!

You can totally pretend to be Luke Skywalker on the Star Wars Millennium Falcon as he tames the Force!

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Star Wars Force Trainer Price Comparison

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Now you can recreate “that” scene in the original Star Wars when Luke trains his Jedi powers with the flying ball thingi while wearing that helmet with a solid visor. So I can hear you saying surely this isn’t real, I can assure you it really is, the wireless headset has a special sensor which can actually read your brainwaves. The harder you concentrate the higher the training ball will move, you control it completely with the power of your (Jedi) mind!

When you manage to move the Training Ball, Jedi Master Yoda will guide you through the 15 levels of Force Training that are included with this fantastic gadget. Featuring realistic dialog from Yoda ans many instantly recognizable sounds from the Star Wars universe this will keep you enthralled for hours and have your friends and family amazed at your Jedi Powers!

Star Wars Force Trainer Gadget

The real question is though, when you get your Star Wars Force Trainer, will you use your new found Jedi Powers for Good Or Bad? Will you join the Dark Side? Its your Destiny!!!!

Star Wars Force Trainer cheaper on eBay

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