Sprig Discover Rig – Battery Free Child Powered Eco-Friendly Toy

Sprig Discover Rig Battery Free Eco Friendly ToysI have to say that most toys on this site, although wicked, are not actually all that eco friendly. Most are made of plastic and non up to this point have been very kind on the environment. Today though I have found a new type of toy, on which is attempting to readdress the balance. The Sprig Discover Rig is a child powered battery free Eco-Friendly Toy.

The Sprig Discover Rig is made from recycled Sprigwood which is a durable, child-safe, bio-composite material made from bits of reclaimed wood and recycled plastic.

I think this Sprig Discover Rig is a fantastic toy, one which I’m going to be putting on my Son’s Christmas presents list, but shush don’t tell him! With a removable handle which makes it a very pushable toy, from watching my son play with toys like the Vtech First Step Baby Walker I know he loves to push toys along.

Sprig Discover Rig Battery Free Eco Friendly Toys

Unlike most toys that have lights or make noises the Sprig Discover Rig is somewhat different in that the simple act of playing with it, pushing it along charges the generator up! Now that in itself is an ingenious selling point, who seriously likes spending their money on endless streams on batteries for toys that are bad for the environment?

The Sprig Discover Rig makes engine noises, it talks and even has sound effects! Lift of the roof and there are seats inside for your Cap Faraday figure the intrepid explorer who will guide you on a wonderful adventure safari and his friends. Each figure has a light on the front that will shine once in the Discover Rig.

This is a toy I think any child aged around 3 or above would absolutely love to play with, you can get yours by following the links below to the best prices I’ve found in the UK for the Sprig Discover Rig.

Sprig Discover Rig Best UK Prices

Sprig Discover Rig Battery Free Eco Friendly Toys

Sprig Discover Rig cheaper on eBay?

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What do you think of the Sprig Discover Rig? Let everyone know your thoughts and leave a comment below, its quick and easy!


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