Speed Stacks – Can You Beat The Best With Your Own Speed Stacks?

You have to be amazingly fast to Stack these Stacks! Speed Stacks is an amazing game that is designed to improve your Hand to Eye coordination, your ambidexterity and your concentration. The Idea is you have to stack the cups into different shapes as fast and as smoothly as you can

Speed Stacks Game

Speed Stacks is really addictive, in fact its so addictive there are even Speed Stacks World Championships! You get 12 Championship Cups in this Speed Stacks pack, 1 Stack Mat, a Speed Stacks Timer, a bag for carrying it all and an instructional DVD to teach you haw to Speed Stack Like a master!

How fast can you stack? Master the New Competitive Sport of Speed and Skill!! Are you ready to try your hands at sport stacking? In order to ‘Stack Fast’, it is important to start slow and take your time to learn each step/ Once you’ve got the stack mastered, you can speed it up, practice, practice and shoot for the record times!! This set does not include a Timer or StackMat or Training DVD stacking sports cups

The Best Prices I’ve found for Speed Stacks online in the UK

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The best prices for Speed Stacks on eBay

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