Want to Get Silly Bandz? Find Out Where To Buy Silly Bandz!

Silly BandzSo whats this Silly craze that’s currently sweeping the world, well let me tell you about these new funky bandz. So you want to get Silly Bandz well let me tell you a bit about them and then I’ll show you where you can get the best deals when you buy Silly Bandz.

So what are these Silly Bandz I’m sure you have heard of, well do you remember the craze from a few years back that was started with the Livestrong bracelets? Well Silly Bandz are a little bit lake that.

Silly Bandz are small ( wrist sized ) silicone, elasticated bandz that come in hundreds of different shapes. They can stretch so you can wear the on your wrists, but the best thing is once you take them of your arm the snap back into their shape straight away!

Silly Bandz are great for swapping with your mates an are perfect to collect, you get 24 in each of the main packs but as I said there are hundreds to collect.

So if you want to get some Silly Bandz than check out the prices below and the diffent packs currently available in the UK, there are 10 to collect so far, but I reckon there will be loads out soon, check the links below to find out where to buy Silly Bandz!

Silly Bandz Price Comparison

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Get Silly Bandz on eBay

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Types of Silly Bandz that you can get

Silly Bandz 24 Pack Sea Creature Shapes Silly Bandz 24 pack Fantasy Shapes
Silly Bandz 24 pack Dinosaur Shapes Silly Bandz 24 pack Fun Shapes bandz
Silly Bandz 24 pack Zoo Animal Shapes Silly Bandz 24 pack Pets Shapes
Silly Bandz 24 pack Beach Shapes Silly Bandz 24 pack Rain Forest Shapes
Silly Bandz 24 pack Princess Shapes

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