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Shopping List Game from Orchard Toys – Simon’s Review

Orchard Toys LogoA couple of years ago my Son and me were round at a neighbours house when the kids decided to play a game, they chose the Shopping Game and of course us adults got roped in too.

Up to that day I had never heard of Orchard Toys before and I have to say I was massively impressed, so much so that within a few months we bought a copy of the Shopping List Game for ourselves.

Of course at the time I remember saying to my wife “That Shopping List Game is Great, I’ve never seen that before” of course she had “hundreds” of times already… but to be honest its not the sort of game I would play as an adult, she though is a Teacher! 😉

When we started playing though I could instantly see the appeal and I appreciated how quickly all of the squiglets picked up the straight forward rules.

Its a really simple game to play but one that anyone can play young or old and its a great way to learn various food items while having fun with your children. Kids develop their matching and observation skills too.


The core game can be expanded with Shopping List Booster Pack’s Fruit and Vegetables and Clothes, we liked it that much we got both of these. The Shopping List Game it most definitely a family favorite and one of Orchard Games bestsellers.

I’m sure Charlie is going to love teaching his little sister Rosie the rules when she is a little older.

Seriously I can’t recommend this game enough!

This is what Orchard Toys say about their Shopping List Game

Race to fill your trolley!
Be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list, in our best-selling memory game.

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Toy Brand

Orchard Toys

Suggested Age:

Three To Seven


Two To Four


• Encourage observational and memory skills
• Develops personal and social skills
• Links with Early Learning Goals and National Curriculum English Key Stage 1.

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