Rubik’s 360 Puzzle, This Will Make Your Brain Itch!

Rubik's 360 PuzzleRubik’s 360 Puzzle This Will Make Your Brain Itch! Very Hard Game Warning. My Lord the original Rubik Cube was hard to crack wasn’t it! I don’t think I ever actually managed to do it and once I resorted to the old changing the stickers trick!

Well now there is something new for you to get your teeth into, Erno Rubik is at it again with his intensely complicated and deviously difficult puzzles. Let me introduce you to something that will have you frustrated for hours and hours! The new Rubik’s 360 Puzzle certainly challenges the original Rubik’s Cube for innovation and difficulty.

The Rubik’s 360 Puzzle is a very complicated ball within a ball that contains balls and domes to get those balls into! Even my explanation of the Rubik’s 360 is complicated! You have to twist and turn the 360 to make each ball go into its correct hole, yeah yeah that sounds easy I hear you say.. but it isn’t believe me I tried and gave up in frustration!

If you want to test your mental agility to the max then you have to get yourself one of these you will love it, but it will make your brain itch!

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Rubik's 360 Puzzle

Rubik's 360 Puzzle

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