Get Motoring With Your Very Own Ride On Aston Martin Car!!

Ride On Aston Martin Style CarIf you have a little budding race driver on your hands then you can safely encourage their motoring skills with the fabulous Ride On Aston Martin Style Car.

Gone are the days where you have to make do with a wooden cart made by your Granddad, having to push it along with your feet to make it go at all! The modern equivalent has everything that a little racer needs and wants – it’s almost as good as the real thing!

The Ride On Aston Martin Style Car is suitable for children aged between 1 and 6 years old, making it the perfect present for a series of ages (and also making your decision about what the heck you are going to buy them this year much simpler!).

There is also a weight limit of 30kg, so if you have a slightly petite older child then they will jump at the chance of having a shot! There is a choice of three colours – red, silver or bright yellow, so you are bound to find one that you and recipient will love. The car is full operational and uses a 6 volt battery which is fully rechargeable for hours and hours of fast-lane fun.

Lets take a look at the best prices in the UK for your Ride On Aston Martin Style Car

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Ride On Aston Martin Style Car

Once she is charged and raring to go, the car is operated by touching the pedal control and it steers forwards, backwards and even left or right (unlike some cars of a similar type that are available).

In case you are worried about your little speed demon might take a defenceless granny out on the way to the shops, the Ride On Aston Martin Style Car comes with a remote control for parents to take over control of the vehicle.

The car is not only beautiful to look at with true-to-life Aston Martin features, it also comes equipped with lots of nifty little gadgets. The wings mirrors really reflect the world around the car, for example. There are also fully operational lights, a horn and sounds along with the icing on the cake – an mp3 input port so your young driver can have the cool tunes blaring whilst they cruise down the street.

One of the best features to truly personalise the Ride On Aston Martin Style Car is that it is now possible to get some personalised plates to put on the front and back of the car – just remember to put something in relation to the child on the plates, it’s not your fantastic car remember!

Get Your Ride On Aston Martin Style Car cheaper on eBay

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Ride On Aston Martin Style Car

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