RC Helicopter Review – My Incredible Lack Of Flying Skills!

Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

Now when the lovely people at Ebuyer asked me if I would like to try out and review one of these Gyro Alloy Frame Mini Helicopters, I of course said yes! I’ve always wanted to have a go of one of these mini helicopters and with this one looking quite substantial I thought it might withstand my “attempts” to fly it.

So here is my RC Helicopter Review.

When the postman knocked on my door, I eagerly answered and before long I had the box open and the Mini RC Heli in my hands. My first thought was wow this is actually well-built, like really well-built, it feels light but solid too. I was expecting a really plasticy thing, but no it’s really quite strong.

So instantly I was thinking, this is a great starter RC Helicopter if you are wanting to have a go and see if you like playing with them. Of course you can buy idiotically expensive ones if you are really into flying mini vehicles, I have a mate who likes the RC planes and he spends a fortune on extra bits and bobs for his planes.

So in the box you get the chopper, a controller (that sadly you will need to put six, yes six AA batteries inside and of course they don’t come with it…) that works of Infrared, which is a bit fancy and a little bag of spare blades, a usb charging wire and a screwdriver.

Me and Charlie were very excited to get this thing charged up and ready for take off.

After I had scoured the house looking for batteries to go in the controller (thankfully the actual chopper has a rechargeable battery inside) and got them all charged up.

We were finally ready.

Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

Now I think now is the right moment to just mention that if I was asked “Simon, do you think you would make a good helicopter pilot?” you would get a big resounding “no” from me. My only “real” experience, and I say “real” in inverted commas because it’s not at all… is playing Battlefield games on the PS3, a game where you do lots of running jumping, shooting, driving etc with loads of other middle-aged men sat in their front rooms. Yes I know it’s a tad sad but when you are playing it’s a laugh. Now in this game you can fly helicopters, I say you because I am utterly rubbish at it. Utterly dismal.

So I was torn between knowing I was going to be rubbish at this and thinking that I was just about to get into Airwolf and swoop off around my village. So it was with all this going round my head, along with as humming this tune…

Then I switched this little yellow beast on and got ready to fly.

(aside I knew I would crash almost instantly…)

Gyro Alloy Frame Mini RC Helicopter in Action

Now of course the logical thing to do is to find a large “outdoor” space, you know like the huge football field that is actually next-door to my house. Did I do this? Of course not, I’m a man, I plonked it on the coffee table, banished my family to the sofa and tried to fly it around the living room.

I almost instantly realized that I had bitten of way more than I could chew. Yes I managed to get it in the air and kind of halfway across the room, then it decided it didn’t like being in the air, I’m 99% sure that the helicopter decided this and not my “expert” finger actions.

So yes I crashed it lots. After Tea and after it had charged back up again, I couldn’t resist another go. I was convinced I would be a changed pilot with my belly filled.

I wasn’t. I was just as rubbish as before.

Then the inevitable happened after the umpteenth crash in tho the sofa, carpet, coffee table, ceiling and walls. It was with a sinking feeling in my stomach that I realized I had just bust my new toy.

Ughhhhhh. Of course it was my own idiotic fault.

Fixing the Gyro Alloy Frame Mini RC Helicopter

Although we have established that I’m not a natural helicopter pilot, I am quite handy with a problem and a screwdriver. I could see what was up with it, one of the motor cogs had just slipped down so I took the side off and tried to fix it.

The Gyro Alloy Frame Mini RC Helicopter really is a well thought out little thing and because of all the screws it didn’t take long to take it to bits and fix the problem, a blob of superglue and I was back in business.

This time I was going to do it properly and venture outside.

Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

Venturing outside with the Gyro Alloy Frame Mini RC Helicopter

Now if you live in the UK then you will know that the weather has been mostly rainy and/or windy for weeks so finding the right time has proven difficult.

Last week though I had a bit of time and it was not that windy so I thought I’d give it another go. I quickly came to the conclusion that I’m really going to need to do a lot more practice with this before I can tame the beast inside its yellowy exterior. I’m sure in the right hands (ie not mine) it would soon be swooping around my garden like it was being flown by a pro pilot.

Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame

In my hands it tends to go up about 20 feet while I panic and try to bring it down. It almost went over the fence into next-doors, it almost went over the hedge at the back into the school field but in the end it flopped into the middle of the lawn.. As I went to reach down to pick it back up I realized that the grass was wet and that I had just done a big…


Yes I think its safe to say that I’m personally better off keeping to RC toys that go on the ground rather than try to master these un-masterable skills of flight. Don’t worry though the yellow beast is still alive, currently taunting me every day, reminding me of how dire I am.

You more than likely will have more luck if you were to get one of these yourself, which I highly recommend, it’s just me that’s rubbish not the helicopter, that’s ace. Oh and I forgot to say it has lights too!

In fact here are the complete stats seen as I’ve missed most of them!


  • Full function 3 channel control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands)
  • Real life helicopter styling
  • 3 channel digital proportional control
  • Unique material withstand crashes
  • Altitude and rotor speed control
  • Flight stabilizing system
  • Super lightweight airframe
  • Gyroscopes system


  • Fuselage length: 230mm
  • Main rotor diameter: 185mm
  • Operational range: >15m
  • Charge time: about30 minutes
  • Flying time: about 8-10 minutes
  • Use batteries/charger
  • Helicopter batteries: 3.7V/180mAH Lipo battery
  • Transmitter batteries: 6X1.5V AA battery
  • Charging way: charging plug attached in transmitter

Here is also an excellent video from Ebuyer showing the Mini Helicopter RC 3 Channel with Gyro Alloy Frame in all its glory.

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