Power Rangers Samurai Toys

Power Rangers Samurai MegazordI thought it was about time I wrote an article about Power Rangers Toys being that the Power Rangers is my Son’s number 1 favourite programme of all time. As a result of this I’ve watched a lot of it as well…..

He is addicted to it and because we have SkyHD he can (I can for him) record huge amounts of the various Power Rangers Series that are on the telly, believe me you wouldn’t believe how many series they have made since the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers hit our screens in the early 1990’s.

But bless him he loves it, the Power Rangers Samurai Mega Zord you can see to the right is the one that he got for christmas and I think I fairly sure he has played with it or a bit of it everyday since! Not bad for a few lumps of plastic!

Power Rangers SamuraiHe plays Power Rangers down at nursary and playgroup with his mates and I often walk into a room as he is performing some intricate Fire Smasher move, its safe to say this little boy LOVES Power Rangers.

So lets talk Power Rangers Samurai Toys, thats why your here.

Power Rangers Super Samurai is out on British Screens some time soon, I’m not sure when, my Son asked me at least every day, I still don’t know when it’s comming on. Needless to say he like I’m sure many little Boys and Girls ups and down the land are eagerly awaiting it.

The first wave of Power Rangers Samurai Toys have been in the shops for a good while so lets take a look at those first and then in the next article  we can take a look at the new Power Rangers Super Samurai that are literally just now coming out.

Power Rangers Samurai Action Figures

Each Power Rangers Samurai Action Figure is about 10cm in height and each comes with two attachments. They are smaller than the older figures from some of the other series, we have a few of those picked up from boot fairs and the like. Children are not generally bothered by scale of their toys though.

The Goodies…

Power Rangers Samurai Action Figures

My Son got all the Power Rangers Samurai Action Figures for Christmas though thanks to my Sister 🙂 And he loves them, I have to say the weapons are a bit tricky for little fingers to attach to the figures but other than that they have been a great success.

And the Baddies….

Power Rangers Samurai Action Figures Baddies

There were only two baddies released in the first lot of Action Figures, here they are, they are to the same scale as the goody Power Rangers.

Next up are some figures I’m not sure what to make of…

Power Rangers Samurai Switch Morphin Figures

Power Rangers Samurai Switch Morphin Action Figures

Now I get the concept, you can flick a switch and it swops the chaps head, just like they look when they are Morphing, but I don’t understand why the figure has to be so ridged, I think a child would get quite board of these quick quickly and they are like £12 each so they are not cheap. Yes its an ok feature but its not worth getting over the normal smaller figures in my opinion.

Power Rangers Samurai Vehicles and Zords

There a right range of Power Rangers Samurai vehicles and Zords that were brought out with the first wave of toys and I can tell you that the Power Rangers Samurai Mega Zord, is fantastic, my Son plays with it everyday, he loves making additions to it with Stickle Bricks and Lego.

Power Rangers Samurai Bikes Zords

The only negative I know of converse the bikes, although they look great, I’ve been told that the figures are not as articulated as the normal Action Figures.

Other Power Rangers Samurai Toys

Power Rangers Samurai Swords and Morpher

Fantastic pretend play toys for Power Rangers Samurai fans, two different types of Swords and a Power Rangers Morpher, my Son uses an old Mobile Phone for his!

So there you go great aren’t they! Check out my next post where I will look at the newer Power Rangers Super Samurai Toys that are just coming out in anticipation of the show hitting our screens.

Power Rangers Samurai Toys On eBay

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Power Rangers Samurai Toys

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