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This Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher is what Charlie wants for Christmas this year. He has already collected a few of the Power Rangers Cards together from the magazine and every-time he sees this he says he wants it for Christmas.

Of course like most other Parents in what is revered to as the Western World, we persist in this quaint tradition of saying that Father Christmas brings the toys. I know it’s totally harmless but I also think its been very skewed by clever marketing over the years and even in my lifetime I’ve seen the commercialism completely ramped up.

Regardless of what you choose to tell or not your children I’d say that most people in the UK when giving presents to younger children, (those who haven’t yet worked out on the school yard grapevine that something is not quite what it seems with the whole Father Christmas malarkey) will pretend that they came from A jolly man dressed in red with a fluffy beard and a rotund midriff. Who flies through the night sky and delivers all the presents to all the children in the world … in one night… yeah ok.

As we live in a house that doesn’t have a chimney we have had to use our initiative and come up with extra special skills that Father Christmas (Farmer Crispies as he is known in our house due to Charlie’s mispronouncing of it years ago) now possess to tackle house without a chimney. We came up with the idea that he can now walk through walls… yeah I know. Lying or rather Fibbing to our children, why do we do this?

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Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher Opinion

So back on target Simon. The Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher is what Charlie really wants. Now I can hear the collective groan of certain parents out there when it come to Power Rangers. Yes of course there is a “Fighty” element to Power Rangers and sometimes I watch it and think, ok enough now, but on the whole I personally think it’s fairly harmless and its balanced a lot of the time by the often very mushy lessons of friendship and the like taught through the stories.

Like many children’s programs, it follows a very familiar path, almost as rigid as the likes of In the Night Garden, Power Rangers always has roughly the same story line in each episode. Children like the familiarity of knowing what is going to happen.

Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher MainCharlie has amassed quite a collection of Power Rangers toys over the years and I have to say that apart from the everliving dominance of the Mighty Stickle Brick, his Power Rangers toys are definitely the most played with. The Power Rangers Samurai MegaZord form a few christmases ago gets played with almost everyday.

I’d say about half of the Power Rangers toys we have come from Car Boot Fairs and Local Fetes, it’s really satisfying rooting them out, knowing they will be well-played with in our house.

Of course there will come a time in the next few years when Charlie move on to other types of toys, but at the moment Power Rangers Rules Supreme.

So the Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher is based on the Morpher that the Power Rangers use to Morph in the new series Power Rangers Megaforce. If you have ever had the “pleasure” of watching an episode (I’ve watched, out of the corner of my eye, what feels like billions of them) of Power Rangers then you will know the drill.

The bad guys turn up, scare away the normal humans, the Power Rangers Pop up just in time then stand in a line and shout something along the lines of “Your times up Snotmonger, get ready to be bopped, its Morphin Time” then there is a scene when with lots of colourful CGi Graphics we see each of the five Power Rangers put their costumes on and get ready to rumble. I often think, how long in real life does this go on for, surely the monsters who are about to get he-yared must see this change happen instantaneously? if the don’t then you have to wonder why they stand there and watch it all happening, that’s their perfect moment to attack, while the Power Rangers are doing all their theatrical swooping and ground bashing. Get in there monsters and get them!

Anyway that’s when all the He-Yar-ing starts.

The Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher is going to appeal to Power Rangers fans there is no two ways about it, the idea is you can collect cards that you slot into the Morpher and it will say one of 180 Phrases based on your card choice. It’s great for imaginative play, but I do wonder how long it will get played with really?

It’s one of those frustrating toys like the Ben Ten Omnitrix Touch he got last year. Great idea, but without all the extra figures to make it say a load more phrases, it doesn’t get played with as much as it could have, had those phrases been built-in.

Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher Box Back

I have to take my cap of to the makers for this Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher because the fact that all the other Megaforce toys come with a varying number of cards that will fit in the Gosei Morpher means that many children will want more, more, more. Of course you have to argue would the kids want the things anyway regardless of the clever marketing? probably.

As Parents of a currently Power Rangers mad little boy we know he will love playing with this and if you boil down what Christmas has ended up being about in this country it’s mainly about getting your children stuff they will enjoy playing with. Nothing wrong with that really. I know full well that when we get this for Charlie he won’t be the only one who will play with it, whenever any of his friends come round to play they always end up playing Power Rangers in some way or other.

So this Power Rangers Megaforce Dx Gosei Morpher will definitely be worth the £20+ it costs and in fact I’m of to buy one right now. If you want to get one for your Son or Daughter check out the link below as this has the Best UK price for the Power Rangers Gosei Morpher and will show who has it in stock.


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