Get Your Child Connected With The Postman Pat My First Laptop

Postman Pat My First LaptopTechnology is a big part of children’s playing environment nowadays and you can get them prepared for the technological world that is waiting for them by investing in the Inspiration Works Postman Pat My First Laptop.

With technology at the forefront of most of what we do in life today, it only makes sense that the learning environment has taken advantage of this fact and come up with an array of devices to stop children becoming technophobes.

The Inspiration Works Postman Pat My First Laptop is basically the first step in introducing the world of computing to a young audience.

The laptop is made from sturdy, brightly coloured plastic and is designed for children aged 18 months and upwards to use. Being a laptop it is of course portable and the easy carrying handle means that little hands will have no problem transporting it from room to room, or indeed from the home to the High Street.

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Basically, the Inspiration Works Postman Pat My First Laptop has a range of fun activities that will teach your child about colours, numbers, logic and vehicles, using the favourite characters from the much loved Postman Pat animated series.

Postman Pat My First Laptop

As well as recognisable characters such as Ted, PC Selby and of course Postman Pat himself, the laptop also features buttons relating to recognisable vehicles in the show such as the Greendale Rocket and the Special Delivery Services’ helicopter.

The activities are broken down into four games that your children will love to play time and time again. For these activities children can use 6 numbered and coloured buttons and 6 picture buttons depicting the different vehicles.

So for example, the child has to match the right vehicle to the character on the laptop “screen”. To add even more fun into the mix, there are 2 separate buttons that play music and a sound effects key so that the child can indulge in some singing and laughing too.

If you are looking for a subtle introduction to the world of technology for your little one then the Inspiration Works Postman Pat My First Laptop is the ideal choice. It will resist any dropping, throwing and drooling thanks to its chunky design and has a sufficient amount of activities to keep any youngster occupied for more than 5 minutes.

It is also suitable for any parent who has a nostalgic love of Postman Pat to join in the fun and games, helping develop their child’s technological skills whilst remembering the good old days when life was all about wondering what Jess the Cat was up to……

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