Large Playmobil Pirate Ship 5135 – Ahoy There Mi Beauty!

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship 5135 BoxAarrr! Ahoy there land lubbers, let me introduce you to one of the top 32 bestest toys from 2012’s Toy Fair the Piratetastic Large Playmobil Pirate Ship 5135.

This huge ship is an essential bit of kit for any aspiring young Pirate, able to ride the waves of the carpet and hide in the hidden sofa cove, while smuggling the remote controls from those pesky Parents! Aarrr! Watch out for the deadly carpet cats though!

The Playmobil Large Pirate Ship is a great set full to the rafters of great little pirating equipment and one of the absolute best things about this ship is that unlike other toy manufacturers, Playmobil being the brilliant people they are, have only gone and made this ship actually watertight so you can use it like a proper pirate ship, well on the wide open waves of your… erm bath.

Large Playmobil Pirate Ship Price Comparison

Right then Avast, lets see whats in the bowels of this fine Playmobil Large Pirate Ship. I’ve got some Sea Chanteys playing, lets get Man the Riggings!

Large Playmobil Pirate Ship 5135 At Sea

So then, the Playmobil Large Pirate Ship as I mentioned is a fully functioning ship, you can even buy an additional underwater motor to actually make it chug around under its own steam. The Ship is crammed full of the detail you expect from Playmobil, all of their toys are always well thought out, strong and contain loads of detail that other manufacturers wouldn’t bother with.

There are four sails on the two ships masts, one is topped with the essential crows nest and they both are flying the jolly roger, because if they weren’t well this wouldn’t be much of a pirate ship would it now?

There is rigging all the way up the sides of the masts so your Pirates can climb up, there are cannon holes up both sides of the ship and windows of the captains cabin to the rear.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship 5135 detail

Lets look at what comes with this set, and as always with Playmobil there are loads of cool things. You will get four Pirates, once Captain, two Pirates and a Pirate boy.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship 5135 accessoriesThere are two cannons to put on your deck, they both come with two cannon balls that you can actually fire. There are loads of weapons for your pirates and a treasure chest for you to lower into your ships hold.

With a Captains Parrot, a winch and grappling hook, plus some extra luggage there are loads of cool items for your children to really get stuck in pretending to be pirates.

This set will last for years and years and is as with all Playmobil toys strong enough to deal with hard playing and rough waves!

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