Playmobil Easter Eggs – 10x Better than Chocolate

Playmobil Easter Eggs

Playmobil LogoThis new range of Playmobil Easter Eggs has just caught my eye and I really think they are a fantastic idea for an alternative to the near standard (nowadays) chocolate Eggs.

With four sets in this initial range, a range of toys which I can see growing over the years and I can definitely see this becoming more of a trend, toys for easter rather than chocolate.

Playmobil Easter Eggs 2013

For the last few years we have got the Star Wars Advent Calendars for our Son for Christmas and although they work out at more money than a chocolate alternative, we feel that its worth it because his LEGO collection grows everyday with toys that will last generations rather than a quick temporary moment of chocolatey bliss.

Playmobil Easter Eggs – a toy for life

I expect like many people, when I started to think about why we have chocolate eggs I realized how little I really know about the giving of easter eggs and were it comes from. It turns out that the history of Easter Eggs, like many things goes back a lot further than you would expect, decorative eggs have been found dating back over 60,000 years, yes you read that correct!

Facinating reading, but lets get back to the matter in hand, lets take a look at why I think this quartet of Playmobil Easter Eggs are a really great choice if you are looking for an alternative gift for your children this easter.

I like the idea of these eggs because they contain so much more play potential than a bit of chocolate nice as chocolate is.

I have to point out here that is seems that although these Playmobil Easter Eggs are somewhat new to me it seems that Playmobil have been crafting their fun packet plastic eggs for a number of years, so I will endever to find out if there are other eggs currently available.

Below each of the following toys you will find current prices so you can Compare Easter Egg Prices and get a great deal for yourself.

Playmobil Easter Eggs – Fairy with Swan Pond

Playmobil Easter Eggs Fairy With Swan Pond 4939The first in the range is the Playmobil Easter Eggs Fairy With Swan Pond which has the product number of 4939. Included in the perfectly formed Pink egg is a nice collection of Playmobil goodies.

Included are one Playmobil Fairy figure complete with pink wings and a pink jug to fill up the swan pond. Specking of which you get one swan figure with three little.. erm.. swanlets? ( I must find out what they are called!) ahhh I wasn’t to far off they are know as swanlings.

You get a small pond and some grass/reed accessories which in my opinion make this a great little set and for just about six quid for a playmobil fan this is a great choice as an easter gift that will be played with for years and years.

Playmobil Easter Eggs Fairy With Swan Pond 4939

Playmobil Easter Eggs – Fire Knight on Horse

Playmobil Easter 2013 Eggs Fire Knight on Horse 4937 DetailNext up in the Quartet is one of my favorites the Fire Knight on his trusty stead.

He comes with a Shield, Sword, Cloak, Helmet and a gruesome axe. The black horse is also kitted out with body armour so he too can get through any dragon battles he may have to ride into.

A great and quite cheap set that would be perfect for fans of the Playmobil Knights range.

Playmobil Easter Eggs Fire Knight on Horse 4937

Playmobil Easter Eggs – Ranger with Forest Animals

Playmobil Easter Eggs Ranger With Animals 4938 DetailInside the yellow Playmobil Easter Egg, you will find a Ranger playmobil figure. He comes with a rifle a nice green hat, and a set of useful binoculars.

Included with his is his faithful dog, two squirrels, two deers and three mushrooms.

A perfect set for those children who love collecting Playmobil animals.

Playmobil Easter 2013 Eggs Ranger With Animals 4938 610x586

Playmobil Easter Eggs – Mini Playground

Playmobil Easter 2013 Eggs Mini Playground 4939 DetailIn the last of the current batch of Playmobil 2013 Easter Eggs, is the mini Playground set that will appeal to fans of the family based Playmobil sets.

Included in this set are two figures a female adult and a boy who is riding his fantastic scooter.

You also get some gardening tools for the lady and a bouncy playground toy and a sand castle. A nice addition to anyones playmobil collection.

Playmobil Easter 2013 Eggs Mini Playground 4939 610x613

In conclusion

These Playmobil sets may not be new to you, they are to me, i hadn’t realised that Playmobil made these every year, I’m glad I found out about them and my nephew is going to be very happy too as we are going to get one for him for easter!

As I mentioned earlier there may well be some of the older Playmobil Easter Eggs available in the shops out there in tinternetville, but one place you should check first would be eBay because you can get some great bargains there.

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What do you think of these Playmobil Easter Eggs for 2013?



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