Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127 – Christmas Toys 2012

Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127 BoxNow the Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier may on the surface, to some people seem quite a strange toy for children. It is though on the list of the top eight Dream Pre-school toys for 2012 and when you think about its not really hard to see why.

Children love vehicles, they love ships and they love putting things on ships! This is the best of both worlds, its a vehicle that many children would have see on their jollies and marvelled at how you drive onto a ship and I imagine were enthralled by the sheer size of Ferries nowadays.

So its not hard to see why children would love this Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier. If you also take into account the brilliance of Playmobil and their ability to cram huge amounts of detail into their toys, then this set scream out to be played with and as with all Playmobil toys they are created to let children’s imaginations lead the play, not a series of characters off of the TV.

Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127 Price Comparison

Lets take a closer look at what you get with this lovely Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier set.

Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127 Scene

Firstly you get the great Ferry, that like the Playmobil Pirate Ship I was talking about earlier, also is built so it will actually float on water, kids are going to love it! You can also get a special underwater motor that will make it act just like a real ship and move on its own.

Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier 5127 DetailsThe Ferry is, like all Playmobil toys, very detailed with loads of well designed features. It has ramps on both ends so your cars and bikes can ride right on and off.

You also get a Pier for your Ferry to dock with, children will love to dock their ship and roll of their vehicles.

There are four people that come with this Playmobil Car Ferry with Pier and you also get a moped and a bicycle too. There is even a special place for bikes on the Ferry. You also get a few life savers just incase anyone falls off the side of the Ferry!

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